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The estates of Brabant, although strongly desirous that the Spanish troops should be withdrawn, were equally stanch for the maintenance of the Catholic religion, and many of the southern provinces entertained the same sentiments.

The Flemings, however, remained stanch to the English alliance, and held their prince in duresse until he at last consented to marry the daughter of Edward. A week before the date fixed for the nuptials, however, he managed to escape from the vigilance of his guards when out hawking, and fled to the court of France.

Lillian was fain to solace her earnest desire to bestow rich reward by settling a comfortable annuity on her and contracting for a snug, stanch house to be built here, with every appliance that could add to her comfort, and for this "Polly Hopkins" cared not at all; for her poor home had been full of joy with "Alchie Loyston."

A stoic sans-culotte under Du Clots, a stanch republican under Robespierre, he would now have been the most pliant and brilliant courtier of Bonaparte. PARIS, August, 1805.

"Bless thee, Giles," murmured Margaret softly. "Thou wast ever his stanch friend, dear Giles," said little Kate; "but alack, I know not what thou canst do for him now." Giles had left them, and all was sad and silent again, when a well-dressed man opened the door softly, and asked was Margaret Brandt here. "D'ye hear, lass? You are wanted," said Catherine briskly.

And when he saw how fat Ruby was and how poor was faithful old Diamond and when, moreover, he remembered how poor and starved the family looked though Nanny was still there and kindly treated he knew that Diamond's father had been stanch and true to his bargain, though it had turned out to be a hard one. He was a man worth helping that was clear! And Mr.

I talked it over with him. He was to bring his boat round on a certain night to an old wharf which was never guarded, and there he was to pick me up. I gave him directions to have several gourds of water and a lot of yams, cocoa-nuts, and sweet potatoes. "He was stanch and true, was little Tonga. No man ever had a more faithful mate. At the night named he had his boat at the wharf.

Go she must, or be a coward. Long ago it seemed long to Rebecca Mary she had stood up straight and stanch and refused to make any more sheets. Was that little girl who had dared, THIS little girl who was afraid? Should that little girl be ashamed of this one? "Aunt Olivia," steadily, though Rebecca Mary's heart was pounding hard "Aunt Olivia, are are you well off?"

Hustle around and do a little housework even if I do give you a servant. Walk in the park. Keep your looks, girl; you may need 'em, I used to tell you." "Oh you You! She clapped her hands over her mouth as if to stanch hysteria. "Another let-out like that, Mae, and, by gad! I'll take my hat and " "No, no, Max, I I didn't mean it. I'm all right.

They had a wound which they could not stanch. The water, however, was not rising very fast. The chief called out, "We must work the pump." Galdeazun replied, "We have no pump left." "Then," said the chief, "we must make for land." "Where is the land?" "I don't know." "Nor I." "But it must be somewhere." "True enough." "Let some one steer for it." "We have no pilot."