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'The Mac-Ivors, sir, hae gotten it into their heads that ye hae affronted their young leddy, Miss Flora; and I hae heard mae than ane say, they wadna tak muckle to mak a black-cock o' ye; and ye ken weel eneugh there's mony o' them wadna mind a bawbee the weising a ball through the Prince himsell, an the Chief gae them the wink, or whether he did or no, if they thought it a thing that would please him when it was dune.

Stock-selling game; going to unload the whole thing on one sucker, and we've got the sucker picked out. Besides you and Barney and me, there's Red Hannigan and Jack Rosenfeldt in it a classy bunch all right. And we think that for the woman end we'll take in Mae Gorham. She's clever and innocent-eyed " "But I thought you were going to take me in!" protested Maggie.

He turned to her, infinitely reverent, infinitely tender. "Will yo' staay with 'im? Or will yo' coom with mae?" "I'll come with you." With one shoulder turned to her father, she cowered to her lover's breast. "Ay, an' yo' need n' be afraaid I'll not bae sober. I'll bae sober enoof now. D'ye 'ear, Mr. Cartaret? Yo' need n' bae afraaid, either. I'll kape sober.

Mr Goble jerked his head so violently that the Derby hat flew off, to be picked up, dusted, and restored by the stage-director. "Oh, so you don't like it? Well, you know what you can do . . ." "Yes," said Jill, "we do. We are going to strike." "What!" "If you don't let Mae go on, we shan't go on. There won't be a performance tonight, unless you like to give one without a chorus." "Are you crazy!"

There's Vesuvius, and she isn't dead like Nero but a living demon, that may erupt any night, and give you a little red grave by the sea for your share." "She's not nearly through yet," laughed Edith, as Mae paused for breath.

"I daresay it will be coffee for two, served separately, and with no thought of pistols. I don't really believe it will come to anything. There are ways of getting out of it," said Norman, lighting a cigarette. "Will you refuse to fight?" asked Mae, and her heart, which had been white with fear for Norman the second before, flashed now with quick, red scorn.

Toorn an' lat's 'ave a look at yo." Now that the innocence of her face was gone, Mrs. Gale had a stern duty to perform by Essy. "They've gien yo t' saack?" "T' Vicar give it mae." "Troost'im! Whan did 'e gie it yo?" "Yasterda'." "T'moonth's nawtice?" "Naw. I aassked 'im t' kape me anoother two moonths an' 'e woonna. I aassked 'im t' kape me over Christmas an' 'e woonna. I'm to leaave Saturda'."

He med tall ye 'oo was with yo laasst Soonda oop t' feald in t' girt byre." "Naddy couldn't sae 'oo 't was. Med a been Assy. Med a been yo." "'T wasn' mae, Mr. Greatorex, an' 't was n' Assy. Look yo 'ere. I tall yo Assy's freetened o' yo." "'Oo says she's freetened?" "I saays it. She's thot freetened thot she'd wash yore sweet'eart's dirty cleathes sooner 'n marry yo." "She doesn't wash them?"

At any rate, Mae Madden was electrified by a great sudden sweep of love, a surging rush of reverence for Rome, and makes no doubt in her own mind, to this day, that the Faun laughed with her in her joy. In this exalted frame of mind, she wandered down through the long halls. She was passing from the room of the Caesars when she heard Norman's voice. So he had come for her with Eric.

We none of us know how people who are falling in love would act." No, the boys agreed this was quite true. "And I really do suppose they are falling in love, don't you?" queried Mae. Yes, they did both believe it. Just here, up came the two subjects of conversation, looking, it must be confessed, as much like one subject as any man and wife.