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"I guess I'll kape 'em, and the close besides." "Then where'll you git the money for me?" asked his mother, "I'll sell the handkerchiefs and stockings. I don't nade them," said Jim, whose ideas of full dress fell considerably short of the ordinary standard. "I won't nade the collars either." "You don't nade all the shirts," said his mother. "I'll kape two," said Jim.

"Yez would be caught the first thing, and the only thing thot would kape thim from hangin' yez would be because they wouldn't have inny rope sthout enough to hould your weight." "When are you going, Dick?" queried Ben. "This evening at six."

We'd best kape on until we find the aisiest place to scale it." "I could get over it here," Tom said eagerly. "Wait a bit. A few minutes can make no difference one way or the other. Ould Sir Colin used to say that there were more battles lost by over-haste than by slowness. What's the high bank running along on the right here?" "Dat's a railway bankment," said Von Baumser.

"Oh, yes, ma'am, an' they are also allowed to sind home the rint o' their houses to kape the poor Irish from starvin', an' to help the lords an' ladies of yer fine castles to kape the likes o' yees in a job."

"Ye'll 'scuse me," O'mie went on, "fur the embarrassin' statement; but I ain't big, I run mostly to brains, while Phil here, an' Bill, an' Dave, an' Bud, an' Possum Conlow runs mostly to beef; an' yet, bein' small, I ain't afraid none of your good Injun. But take this warnin' from me, an old friend that knew your grandmother in long clothes, that you kape wide of Jean Pahusca's trail.

It's a noice place Pat's goin' to, so 'tis. There's a queer little house with a glass roof on jist across the street from it, and, by the same token, it's a wonder how they can kape a glass roof on it. There's them that can't even kape their window glass in, so there is, but goes a-stuffin' up the holes with what they can get.

He stepped on the bridge to find Karl wringing his hands, and "Four-Eyes" was no less uneasy. "Faith, sorr," said he, as soon as we had come aboard, "it's bad times intoirely if ye've no oil we've been working two engines for three days, and we'll be sore put to ut to kape the third going, if ye can't mend us."

'If ye'll take my tip, said the depot man, 'ye'll say neither yes nor no till ye get to barracks. Kape the ould blagyard hangin' on and off till ye get inside the gates, and then tell him to go to blazes. If ye loike to work him properly, ye can kape him as smooth as soft soap all the way. If ye say no too early he'll be on t'ye like a ton o' pig-iron.

In talking about these useful and very necessary servants, some of the comments indulged in by the gentleman who first invited me into the barracks are well worth repeating: "Be jabbers, an' yeez have to kape wide awake all night to swear at the lazy divils, in orther to git a wink av shlape" and "The moment yeez dhrap ashlape, yeez are awake," are choice specimens, heard in reference to the punkah-wallahs' confirmed habit of dozing off in the silent watches of the night.

For the first five years av my service, whin I was what I wud give my sowl to be now, I tuk whatever was within my reach an' digested ut an that's more than most men can say. Dhrink I tuk, an' ut did me no harm. By the Hollow av Hiven, I cud play wid four women at wanst, an' kape them from findin' out anythin' about the other three, an' smile like a full-blown marigold through ut all.

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