"It is Never Too Late to Mend, a Matter-of-Fact Romance," published in 1856, is, like "Hard Cash," a story with a purpose, the object in this instance being to illustrate the abuses of prison discipline in England and Australia.

But I am convinced that even then the nature of true affection did not enter into her calculations. She merely counted on my marital influence to end or mend the French irregular verbs. I am delighted that, in these later days, she sees Love to be a "practical reality." For my part, I want a definition.

I should call the generation that was active in the early eighties 'a cowardly age of pitiless brutality. Times had begun to mend in Ireland from 1850, and had continued to do so until the ballot made the country a prey to self-seeking political agitators. Mr.

Prove it to me, I tell you!" cried Siegfried, as he grasped the shrinking dwarf by the shoulders. "I will! I will!" gasped the frightened Mimi; and he brought out the broken sword. Siegfried looked at the sword. Then handing it back to Mimi, he said: "Mend it for me, Mimi! Mend it! Now is your chance to prove your skill!" "I cannot!

Lest such leave should be denied him he dropped forthwith to the vacant place beside Asad and tucked his legs under him. "Lord," he said, "there is a rift dividing us who should be united for the glory of Islam." "It is of thy making, Sakr-el-Bahr," was the sullen answer, "and it is for thee to mend it." "To that end do I desire thine ear. The cause of this rift is yonder."

Six weeks after the above adventure my father was attacked with an abscess in the head which carried him off in a week. Dr. Zambelli first gave him oppilative remedies, and, seeing his mistake, he tried to mend it by administering castoreum, which sent his patient into convulsions and killed him.

His grandmother entreated the men to stop teasing the poor boy, who could not help his poverty. She would patiently mend his poor torn clothes and try to cheer him up with the hope that soon these foolish, cruel men would see how wrong it was to treat him thus. "But they only seemed to get worse instead of better, and so the grandmother got very angry at last and determined to have it stopped.

At this the man on the ground snarled up at him like a rat, while the other clenched his teeth, and shook his club, and looked down at him with murder in his eyes. Knight and squire gazed from rogue to avenger, but as it was a matter which none could mend they tarried no longer, but rode upon their way.

You have no reason to love Cetywayo, and it does not matter to you whether or no I return to his kraal to mend guns there. If you think that he will be angry because I am missing, you had better cross the border also; we can go together." "And leave my father and all my brethren to his vengeance? Black Heart, you do not understand. How can you, being so named?

Being thus publicly upbraided with their want of faith, to mend their error, they took out nothing of the lading, but put again to sea. And what every one said to them, concerning the good fortune which perpetually attended that ship, for two-and-twenty years together, so much renewed their confidence, that they performed their voyage without farther fear.