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Just then the surgeon in charge of the ward, who had been summoned, appeared. After a hasty examination, "Madam," said he, "you have saved your patient." Leaving the case in his hands, I fled to my room, resolving never to enter the hospital again. Forthwith I wrote my resignation, and demanded transportation back to Alabama.

Pete became cautious forthwith, studying the lay of the land. It was a bad country to travel, being so alike in its general aspect of butte and arroyo, sand and cacti, that there was little to lay hold upon as a landmark. A faint line of hills edged the far southern horizon and there were distant hills to the east and west.

The arrival of the General and his little army caused a mighty excitement all through the provinces, and nowhere greater than at Castlewood. Harry was off forthwith to see the troops under canvas at Alexandria. The sight of their lines delighted him, and the inspiring music of their fifes and drums.

"Your highness and all the councilors now assembled well merit the reproaches of the Marquis of Orsini," said the grand vizier, sternly. "But it is for me to command here, and for you to obey, proud prince! Let the chains be removed from those prisoners forthwith."

Forthwith, to Griselda's astonishment, they began solemnly to nod. "Oh, how do you make them do that, Aunt Grizzel?" she exclaimed. "Never you mind, my dear; it wouldn't do for you to try to make them nod. They wouldn't like it," replied Miss Grizzel mysteriously. "Respect to your elders, my dear, always remember that. The mandarins are many years older than you older than I myself, in fact."

Among the most deadly of these is the jaguar, which preys largely on the poor tailless animal; but man is also its enemy, for its flesh is excellent, and is considered like that of the hog. As it was important to secure a good supply of food, the capybara was forthwith cut up, and some of its flesh roasted. "I trust that it will not cost us dear," observed Kanimapo, as we returned to our seats.

And now when Jesus thus had finished His sayings, the people were astonished Thereat: for not as do the scribes taught he Them, but as one that had authority. Now unto Jonah, old Amittai's son, Thus did the word of the Almighty come, And said, Arise, go thou forthwith and cry 'Gainst that great city Nineveh; for why, The sins thereof are come up in my sight.

At ten o'clock, when he had fulfilled four of these errands, he was arrested by a captain in the guards, who took him to the king's closet and forthwith set off in search of the four copies distributed.

M. Flamaran narrated to us, with dates, how a friend of his one day depicted to him a young girl at Montbrison, of fresh and pleasing appearance, a good housekeeper, and of excellent family; and how he M. Flamaran had forthwith started off to find her, had recognized her before she was pointed out to him, fell in love with her at first sight, and was not long in obtaining her affection in return.

His perfectly sincere nature was incapable of suspecting a far more palpable fraud. He started up with the intention of going forthwith to Gray's Inn Road, but Harriet clung to him and held him back. The idea was vain. The lodger, Miss Mould, had long entertained a spite against her, Harriet said, and had so exaggerated this story in relating it to Mrs.