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"I don't want lots of money. I want my own dear little stone that I rubbed myself," Grizzel repeated, tears starting to her eyes. "Why should Mr. Fraser take my stone and chop it all up with horrible sharp grinding knives? It's mine. I found it." "You'll have to show it to him first," Hugh said decisively, "whether you found it or not.

She had filled her lap with dandelions, and was busily occupied in linking them together as English children link a daisy-chain. "What are you doing?" Mollie asked again, as her eyes followed Grizzel's chain, and she observed that it stretched far away out of sight among the trees and bushes. "I am laying a chain right round the garden," Grizzel replied.

Now, the sheepfold lay close to the wall of the room where the farmer slept, so Grizzel crept quite softly and carefully into the fold; but, as soon as she got in, she began to scream out to the thieves, 'Will you have a wether or a ewe? here are lots to choose from. 'Hush, hush! said the thieves, 'only take one that is fine and fat.

"It would be," agreed the others, "most awfully jolly." "I think I'd as soon have oranges as gold," Grizzel said reflectively, looking down at the peel-strewn earth. "Think how nice it would be if you were in the very middle of a scorching desert, and dying of thirst like the men in Five Weeks in a Balloon, to find a lovely orange tree covered with juicy oranges.

Grizzel still looked subdued, but the tears were dried, and she was listening politely to Mollie's tuneful advice to "Pack your troubles in your own kit-bag, and smile, smile, smile". Hugh shouted to them to hurry up or they would be late for tea, and soon the little party was under way again, as cheerful as if diamonds had never been heard of.

His father and Martin were walking, dressed in their second best suits, and beside them rambled along a grizzel horse and brightly painted spring-cart. 'All right, Mr. Cannister; here's the lost man! exclaimed young Smith, entering at once upon the old style of greeting. 'Father, here I am. 'All right, my sonny; and glad I be for't! returned John Smith, overjoyed to see the young man.

Daisy and crocus, and sea-blue bell, And violet shrinking in dewy cell Sly cells that know the secrets of night, When earth is bathed in fairy light Scarlet, and blue, and golden flowers." And so Mr. Kneebreeches had no reason to complain of his pupil that day. And Miss Grizzel congratulated herself more heartily than ever on her wise management of children.

"I call this top-hole," Dick announced, as he squatted down on the sand and took his tin mug from Mollie, who had begged to be allowed to make the tea as she had seen Grizzel make it before. "It will buck us up no end and make us as sharp as needles."

Nothing was said about the clock, however, till about half-way through the meal, when Griselda, full of eagerness to know if her aunts were aware of the cuckoo's return, could restrain herself no longer. "Aunt Grizzel," she said, "isn't the cuckoo all right again?" "Yes, my dear. I am delighted to say it is," replied Miss Grizzel.

I think we'd better have a Circle. Give me your hand, Mollie, and you take Hugh's. And Hugh Dick's, and Dick Grizzel's, and Grizzel Young Outram's, and Young Outram my other hand. Now all stand quite still and shut your eyes; listen to the waves, and try and think of three nice things about the people next you."

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