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The queen was thanked for her gracious and prudent administration during his majesty's absence; they congratulated her on their signal deliverance from a bold and cruel design formed for their destruction, as well as on the glorious victory which her fleet had gained; and they assured her that the grateful sense they had of their happiness under her government, should always be manifested in constant returns of duty and obedience.

She slid into the silence with a technicality, asking if John still took his old inordinate amount of sugar. Thence it was but a step to the burning question of the day; and in tones a little shaken, she commented on the interval since she had last made tea for the prodigal, and congratulated him on his return. And then addressing Mr.

When all had quietly dispersed, the Captain warmly congratulated us on our large and well-conducted congregation, and hoped that great good would result from our efforts. This opposition also the Lord overruled to increase our influence, and to give point and publicity to our assaults upon the kingdom of Satan.

Daisy and crocus, and sea-blue bell, And violet shrinking in dewy cell Sly cells that know the secrets of night, When earth is bathed in fairy light Scarlet, and blue, and golden flowers." And so Mr. Kneebreeches had no reason to complain of his pupil that day. And Miss Grizzel congratulated herself more heartily than ever on her wise management of children.

But he only congratulated her, and assisted her into the car. It was a big open one, therefore she wore a thick motor coat and veil as protection against the chill autumn night. A moment later the soldier-chauffeur mounted to his seat, and slowly they moved across the great square and out by the gates, where the sentries saluted.

His friends congratulated him that he had now opened his way to fortune. But he replied, that he should never make another pencil. "Why should I? I would not do again what I have done once."

She felt all this bitterly that night, ere the play was over; and though her audience generously applauded and old friends congratulated her, she never played Juliet again. Yet, even in the darker and sterner parts, in which she was once so famous, she was hardly more successful now.

Even Barbara and Dorothy Fraser went boldly to her side, and congratulated her on her self-restraint, and even apologised for their cousin's unseemly conduct. Hollyhock's fine eyes lit up with a great glow. 'I do not care, she said. 'Poor lassie! I pity her; I do, truly! 'You are a wonderful girl, Hollyhock, said Dorothy; 'and may my sister and I join your circle to-night?

He then presented us with a distinguished conduct medal, on which were the words, "For distinguished conduct in the field." On giving me mine, he congratulated me and wished me long life to wear the decoration. He hoped, he said, that many other young men in the regiment would follow my example, and he could assure them that if they did, the same rewards were in store for them.

The president of the wrecked Company received his former chief engineer warmly, and heartily congratulated him on the success of his battle with the river.

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