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But Esther was not sure of being able to afford it and Polly was uncertain of whether she wished to stay in her stepfather's house at a time when her stepbrother, Frank Wharton, whom she disliked so much, should also be at home for his holidays. The girl's face was a little wistful. She so longed to see both her friends.

She wished to have the evening to herself, quite alone, so that she could let her dreams take flight. Dreams? Nonsense! On the contrary, it was a dazzling reality: a fortune, a title, a positive escape from want and the mire. What a revenge! "It is enough to drive one mad!" Sudden fears seized her; the terror of the too successful gambler. What if everything crumbled like a house of cards!

Yet she had wished him to go, that she might be free to devote herself to her boy to be very sure that she was not a light and careless mother, ready to abandon her son at the first call of a stranger. And John Crewys had understood as another might not have understood.

In other days Unorna had heard him speak like this to her, and she had loved the speech, though not the man, and sometimes for its sake she had wished her heart could find its fellow in his. And even now, the tone and the words had a momentary effect upon her.

He was a curious man, and I could not help wondering whether he would have wished me to speak if he had not been too busy to listen, but I did not care to risk asking him that question. The Lent Term at Oxford is rather a dull one for men who do not row, run, or play soccer. In my time golfers were thought dull whether they played golf or only talked about it.

She had thought of Lushington often that day, and now she wished with all her heart that he were beside her, standing between her and something she could not define but which she dreaded just because she could not imagine what it was, though it was certainly connected with Logotheti and with what he had said.

But although Laura stuck to the post of duty, her heart was no longer in the ceremonies of Ember Night. She wished heartily that she had never suggested the entertainment, even if it did benefit the Red Cross. It did really prove to be one of the most successful forms of money-raising for the Red Cross that had been attempted in Centerport.

Luckily, to prevent her pursuing her observations from the hand to the face, which might have betrayed more than Lord Colambre wished she should know, her own Grace came in at this instant "There it's for you, safe, mother dear the lase!" said Grace, throwing a packet into her lap. The old woman lifted up her hands to heaven, with the lease between them "Thanks be to Heaven!"

And so amid bustle, chatter, and invitations "to lay off y'r things an' stay awhile," the women got disposed about the room at last Those that had rocking chairs rocked vigorously to and fro to hide their embarrassment. They all talked in loud voices. Howard felt nervous under this furtive scrutiny. He wished his clothes didn't look so confoundedly dressy.

Since the party had the Governor and a majority of both branches of the Assembly, it wished to put through a program of legislation that called for amending the constitution and the leaders requested the women to withdraw the suffrage amendment, as while one was pending another could not be introduced.