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He argued wisely, more wisely than Grace had reasoned; for, notwithstanding this note, she would have left Buxton before his arrival, but for Lady Berryl's strength of mind, and positive determination not to set out with her till Lord Colambre should arrive to explain.

Garraghty?" said Sir Terence; "and, by that time, I hope we shall understand this misunderstanding better." Sir Terence pulled Lord Clonbrony's sleeve: "Don't let him go with the money it's much wanted." "Let him go," said Lord Colambre: "money can be had by honourable means." "Wheugh! He talks as if he had the bank of England at his command, as every young man does," said Sir Terence.

No, not Sir James Brooke; but one he was almost as glad to see Count O'Halloran! 'My dear count! the greater pleasure for being unexpected. 'I came to London but yesterday, said the count; 'but I could not be here a day, without doing myself the honour of paying my respects to Lord Colambre. 'You do me not only honour, but pleasure, my dear count.

'No, my good sir, not if you triumph over yourself, and do justice, cried Lord Colambre; 'if you listen to the truth, which my friend will tell you, and if you will read and believe the confirmation of it, under your son's own hand, in this packet. 'His own hand indeed! His seal unbroken. But how when where why was it kept so long, and how came it into your hands? Count O'Halloran told Mr.

Lord Clonbrony wavered between the temptation to throw himself upon the generosity of his son, and the immediate convenience of borrowing a sum of money from his agent, to relieve his present embarrassments. 'Nothing can be settled, repeated he, 'till Colambre is of age; so it does not signify talking of it. 'Why so, sir? said Lord Colambre.

I defy you not I'll introduce you to him him to you, I mean most warm-hearted, generous dog upon earth convivial jovial with wit and humour enough, in his own way, to split you split me if he has not. You need not cast down your eyes, Colambre. What's your objection?"

"Of doing what is wrong the only thing, I trust, of which I shall ever be afraid." Lady Clonbrony tried persuasion and argument such argument as she could use but all in vain Lord Colambre was firm in his resolution; at last, she came to tears; and her son, in much agitation, said, "I cannot bear this, mother! I would do any thing you ask, that I could do with honour; but this is impossible."

'What pleasure it will give the proprietor when he sees all you have done! said Lord Colambre.

Miss Nugent's letter, which Lord Colambre read in spite of the jostling of passengers, and the incessant talking of Sir Terence, was as follows: Let me not be the cause of banishing you from your home and your country, where you would do so much good, and make so many happy.

I'll tell you what I'll do you are to be of age soon, Colambre, very well, there are some papers for me to sign, I must stay to put my name to them, and, that done, that minute I'll leave you and Lord Clonbrony to settle all the rest; and I'll get into my carriage, with Grace, and go down to Buxton again; where you can come for me, and take me up, when you're all ready to go to Ireland and we shall be so far on our way.

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