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The consciousness of wealth disposed him to intellectual generosity; standing on so firm a pedestal, he did not mind admitting that others might have a wider outlook. Italy was an impecunious country; personally and patriotically he had a pleasure in recognizing the fact, and this made it easier for him to concede the points of superiority which he had heard attributed to her.

You want to give a crown to one man, a fortune to another. That is very fine. But I suppose there is a limit to your generosity somewhere.” “I don’t see why there should be any limitto fine intentions! Yes, one would like to pay ransom and be done with it all.” “That’s the feeling of a captive; and yet somehow I can’t think of you as ever having been anybody’s captive.”

There is something mysterious in the character and the imagination of the Italians, in whom you will find by turns, either unexpected traits of generosity and friendship, or gloomy and formidable proofs of hatred and revenge.

How then can my heart be glad and my stay be pleasant in company with this fellow who brought all this upon me, and who was the cause of the breaking of my leg and of my exile from home and native land. And the youth refused to sit down and went away. "By Allah," replied he, "I dealt thus by him of my courtesy and sound sense and generosity.

I it sounds extravagant, but it's true I can think of no other woman in the whole of fiction whom I like so well who makes so curiously personal an appeal to me. Her wit her waywardness her tenderness her generosity everything. How did your friend come by his conception of her?

"Stay, give me the name of my preserver! Mine is " "Hush! what matter names? This is a sacrifice we have both made to honour. "Your own name then?" said Legard, deeply penetrated with the delicate generosity of his benefactor. "Tush!" muttered the stranger impatiently as he closed the door.

The Baronet received his visitor with that condescending parade which was meant at once to assert his own vast superiority, and to show the generosity and courtesy with which he could waive it, and descend to the level of ordinary conversation with ordinary men.

"She was not only eager to serve her friends without waiting for their prayers or the humiliating exposure of their needs," said Fontenelle, "but a good action to be done in favor of indifferent people always tempted her warmly.... The ill success of some acts of generosity did not correct the habit; she was always equally ready to do a kindness."

Besides, it would be imposing on the boy's generosity to lug a friend along when you went riding. The most of our machines vary from the one thousand, five hundred dollar touring car to the five hundred dollar little fellows; and since they have come, life in Homeburg is twice as interesting. They are our dissipation, our excitement, our amusement, and the focus of our town pride.

Risler was deeply moved for a moment. So much money at one time for him! His mind dwelt upon the generosity of these Fromonts, who had made him what he was; then he thought of his little Sidonie, of the longing which she had so often expressed and which he would now be able to gratify. With tears in his eyes and a happy smile on his lips, he held out both hands to his partner. "I am very happy!