It was very hard that she, who desired only to set things right, looking for no advantage to herself she who was recognized as a power in her own circle, should have been so ignominiously foiled in the noble endeavour, having sacrificed herself, to sacrifice also another upon the altar of her beloved earldom! She could not reconcile herself to the thought.

The canons of Dordtrecht had not yet been fulminated. They avowed themselves ready to sacrifice worldly goods and life itself in defence of the Five Points. In Rotterdam, notwithstanding a garrison of fifteen companies, more than a thousand Remonstrants assembled on Christmas-day in the Exchange for want of a more appropriate place of meeting and sang the 112th Psalm in mighty chorus.

I should, indeed, be a very weak woman, if I did not make such a trifling sacrifice for his benefit, and at the same time, feel most grateful to you for your kind intentions towards him. I rather think that Mr Campbell will not find it necessary to have till to-morrow morning to consider the proposal; but I leave him to answer for himself." "I can assure you.

When Pythagoras discovered this fact, he had no doubt that the Muses had guided him in the discovery, and it is said that he very gratefully offered sacrifice to them. This theorem affords a useful means of measuring many things, and it is particularly serviceable in the building of staircases in buildings, so that the steps may be at the proper levels.

Troup of Georgia, one of the champions of the Democratic party, replied to the Opposition, "Shall we sacrifice the honor and independence of the nation for a little trade in codfish and potash?

My dearest mother wishes to behave well to him, wishes to sacrifice herself; but is, I fear, above all things, anxious to procure for her son the name and title which his father bore. As for myself, you will, I think, already have perceived that it is my desire to remain as I was when last I saw you, and to be as ever Yours, most affectionately,

Politeness demanded the assumption that he had found his way to New Caledonia owing to political troubles, but the usual cloud hung over the precise date and circumstances of his patriotic sacrifice.

Notwithstanding the greatness of the sacrifice demanded of him, Toussaint remained faithful to his brethren.

But David, and Isaiah after him, and Ezekiel after him, found out that THAT was but a dream; that that sort of repentance would save no man's soul; that God did not require burnt-offerings and sacrifice for sin: but simply that a man should do right and not wrong.

Wardens and Mrs. Principals who at their age undertake it." They had got home, and White politely rang the bell. "Younger persons," said he tenderly, "are too delicate for such a sacrifice." Louisa was silent; presently she said, "And what will you be, Mr. White?" "I know not," he answered; "I have thought of the Cistercians; they never speak." "Oh, the dear Cistercians!" she said; "St.