This Christmas hunt was an event. It was the year 186 , and, Christmas-day falling on a Sunday, Saturday was given as the first day of the holidays. It had been a fine Fall; the cover was good, and old hares were plentiful.

Christmas-day was not allowed to pass without being a festival for her, in her quiet room, where she lay, full of musings on his lonely Christmas night last year, his verses folded among her precious books, and the real joy of the season more within her grasp than in the turmoil of last year.

Christmas-day passed among the peasantry, as it usually passes in Ireland. Friends met before dinner in their own, in their neighbors', in shebeen or in public houses, where they drank, sang, or fought, according to their natural dispositions, or the quantity of liquor they had taken.

"Indeed it is, Lady Cashel, a very long time; but the poor colonel suffers so much, it's rarely he's fit to be moved; and, indeed, I'm not much better myself. I was not able to move my left shoulder from a week before Christmas-day till a few days since!" "You don't say so! Rheumatism, I suppose?" "Oh, yes all rheumatism: no one knows what I suffer." "And what do you use for it?"

The mysterious preparation the Christmas-tree hung with glancing lights and fairy gifts so bewitching to children the trembling joy with which each packet or article was examined, all this, although the child of poor parents, had been his to enjoy; but on this Christmas-day he had nothing to expect.

I had only the one word, 'Edelweiss, at my command, and but the one hope that of procuring the flower. "Christmas-day came. All were rejoicing, all were happy; but none could appreciate my joy when the noble Franz put this plant in my possession, his Christmas gift to me. I recovered immediately, and happiness so inspired me that I learned their language, and was enabled to tell them my story.

'Twas at the landing-place that's just below Mount Wyse, Poll lean'd against the sentry's box, a tear in both her eyes; Her apron twisted round her arms, all for to keep them warm, Being a windy Christmas-day, and also a snow-storm. And Bet and Sue Both stood there too, A shivering by her side, They both were dumb, And both look'd glum, As they watch'd the ebbing tide.

He had a queer, bird-like aspect, and a nose that was as sharp as the beak of any of the rooks cawing hoarsely amongst the elms of Hallgrove that snowy Christmas-day. After the dinner in the old hall, Lionel Dale and his guests returned to their own quarters; Mrs. Mordaunt and the three younger ladies walked in the grounds, with Douglas Dale and Sir Reginald Eversleigh in attendance upon them.

"Let us take Oscar with us," said Alfred; "he is very swift, and may run them down; we never can get up with them in our snow-shoes." "I wonder whether they will get a turkey," said Emma, after the hunting party had left. "I think it will be difficult," said Mrs. Campbell; "but they will try all they can." "I hope they will; for Christmas-day without a turkey will be very un-English."

I'm sure that now he knows it is Christmas-day, he intends to keep it as such." "There is much truth in what Martin says," observed Mr. Campbell; "we require the seventh day in the week and other stated seasons of devotion to be regularly set apart, in order to keep us in mind of our duties and preserve the life of religion.