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Besides, nobody respects a renegade. Now if they had offered me a hundred thousand francs a year, perhaps and yet, no! The pacha did give me a thousand talari as a present." "How much is that?" asked Oscar, who was listening to Georges with all his ears. "Oh! not much. A talaro is, as you might say, a five-franc piece. But faith!

"It really is not friendly." I stared at him: he was parrotting Douglas' idiotic words. "Don't be absurd," I said; but he repeated: "No, Frank, it is not friendly," and went to the door and disappeared. Like a flash I saw part at least of the truth. It was not Oscar who had ever misled Douglas, but Lord Alfred Douglas who was driving Oscar whither he would. I turned to Shaw.

These speeches were uttered in half-tones to allow Oscar to hear them or not hear them as he chose; his countenance was to be the weather-gauge by which the other young traveller could judge how much fun he might be able to get out of the lad during the journey. Oscar chose not to hear.

Perk had made up his mind that the unknown aviator, even if other than Oscar Gleeb, was undoubtedly working the same profitable line of business as the pilot of the Curtiss-Robin ship.

Carson was not so well known then as he has since become; he was regarded as a sharp-witted Irishman who had still his spurs to win. Some knew he had been at school with Oscar, and at Trinity College was as high in the second class as Oscar was in the first. It was said he envied Oscar his reputation for brilliance. Suddenly the loud voice of the clerk called for silence.

Oscar was to breakfast at the Rocher de Cancale and spend the evening with a marquise " "Don't trouble yourself! Sooner or later you'll find out about your swan," said her husband. "Do you really believe in that marquise? Pooh! A young man who has senses and a taste for extravagance like Oscar can find such ladies as that on every bush if he pays for them.

The doctor then gave directions as to Oscar's diet and medicine, and departed, but not until he had again warned him against leaving the room without his mother's consent, or eating any articles forbidden by her. Oscar found no opportunity after this to evade the commands of the doctor, had he been so disposed, for some one was always with him by day and night.

Sebright said: he doubted if there was ever any chance for me: he thought the operation ought never to have been performed." "Why did you go to a stranger?" I asked. "Why did you give up Grosse!" "You must ask Oscar," she answered. "It was at his desire that I kept away from Grosse."

Oscar impatiently repeated my question; the rector, at the time, officiously assisting him to descend from the carriage, and leaving me to get out as I could. "Did you hear Madame Pratolungo?" Oscar asked. "Is Lucilla found?" "Dear Oscar, we hope to find her, now you have come." That answer revealed to me the secret of Mr. Finch's extraordinary politeness to his young friend.

"I have seen in the coyote pack that coyotes who will not hunt and fight for the pack must starve and die." "You are not!" returned Pen flatly. "You don't see the human side of your problem at all. You have made Oscar Ames hate you. Yet no man could live the life and do the things that Oscar has and not have developed a fine big side to his nature. You never see that.