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I have already mentioned that Pichegru was conveyed thither on the night of the 22d of February; a fortnight later Georges was arrested, and committed to the same prison. Either Real or Desmarets, and sometimes both together, repaired to the Temple to examine the prisoners.

"And you?" turning to Chester. "Yes." There came a commanding knock on the door. Georges sprang forward and flung it wide, and there strode into the room a tall, slender man, in evening dress, shining top hat and white kid gloves. A black mask covered his face. "Pierre Duval," whispered Hal to Chester, "the King of the Apaches!"

SPECIAL STUDIES OF SOCIAL CONDITIONS IN OTHER COUNTRIES. For Scotland: H. G. Graham, Social Life in Scotland in the Eighteenth Century, 2 vols. . For Hungary: Henry Marczali, Hungary in the Eighteenth Century . For Russia: James Mavor, An Economic History of Russia, Vol. For Spain: Georges Desdevises du Dezert, L'Espagne de l'ancien regime, 3 vols.

As Georges and Suzanne leaned over its edge, they saw their reflections in the water and smiled at them. Suddenly, he said in a low voice: "It is not right of you to keep secrets from me, Suzanne." She asked: "What secrets, Bel-Ami?" "Do you remember what you promised me here the night of the fete?" "No." "To consult me every time you received a proposal." "Well?" "Well, you have received one!"

His eldest brother, Georges, was five or six years older than himself, then came his sisters, Catherine, Jeanne, and Marie, while younger than himself were Claudie, and two brothers, Jacques and Philippe. Like so many other mediaeval strongholds, the Castle of Bayard was built upon a rocky hill, which always gave an advantage in case of attack.

A pretty waistcoat with a blue ground and a palm-leaf pattern, a pair of black cashmere trousers pleated, a black coat very well fitting, and a cane with a gilt top, the cost of which he had saved himself, caused a natural joy to the poor lad, who thought of his manner of dress on the day of that journey to Presles, as the effect that Georges had then produced upon him came back to his mind.

When Dubois, not knowing where to begin, rather foolishly reproached him with the death of Buffet, 'the father of a family, Georges smilingly gave him this advice: 'Next time, then, have me arrested by bachelors." His courageous pride did not fail him either in the interrogations he had to submit to, or before the court of justice.

Perhaps this hope was the secret of the intimacy she still kept up with the marquise, in whose salon, which was one of the first in Paris, she might eventually be able to choose among many heiresses for Georges' wife.

Georges de Didonne, where only the lowly and the toiler have kept the faith aflame. But whilst neighbours now live peacefully side by side, a gulf still divides Catholic and Protestant. Although half a millennium has elapsed since the greatest crime of modern history, the two bodies remain apart: French annexes of Alsace-Lorraine and Germans are not more completely divided.

Quick, quick! the family takes its position, Monsieur in front of the hearth, Madame in an easychair, carelessly turning the leaves of a magazine. Wasted pose! The fair caller did not come to see Sidonie; she has stopped at the floor below. Ah! if Madame Georges could hear what her neighbor says of her and her friends! At that moment the door opens and "Mademoiselle Planus" is announced.

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