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She would rather suggest, therefore, that they should meet in some quiet corner of one of the parks. She need hardly add she would take every precaution against carrying infection. The proposal proved acceptable to Miss Vavasor. She wrote suggesting time and place. Hester agreed, and they met.

This caused some consternation to the Powys couple, since Leonora was the third daughter and Edward ought to have married the eldest. Mrs Powys, with her rigid sense of the proprieties, almost wished to reject the proposal.

I was very anxious to get back to Ellen and John; especially to assist in finishing the canoe, that we might at soon as possible recommence our voyage down the river. I proposed, therefore, that Arthur and I should set off at once, as I thought we could find our way through the forest without difficulty. The recluse seemed far from pleased at my proposal.

Brunilda had joyfully agreed to his proposal that they should cross the Alps and join her kinsmen in Germany, and the remnant of the tribe willingly consented to accompany them.

'The sun had set before we quitted the inn, and we had made no plans as to where we should go next, so we readily consented to the prince's proposal that we should embark without delay for the Isle of Black Marble. What a place it was! Rocks blacker than jet towered above its shores and shed thick darkness over the country.

Besides, she had done wrong very wrong and Leuchy had a right to be angry. During the whole of that miserable day Leucha absented herself from the school, and all Mrs Macintyre's words proved so far in vain. She had no good news to give Hollyhock; therefore she told her nothing. But toward evening she had a very grave conversation with Jasmine, who made a proposal of her own.

Sir E. Goschen says the Kaiser is returning to-night. July 27. Monday. France and Italy accept proposal of a conference. German Secretary of State refuses the proposal of a 'conference. Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs proposes direct conversation between Vienna and St. Petersburg. British Fleet kept assembled after manoeuvres.

He is obliging; I must have breathing time to consider the proposal; be seated, I pray you, young sir. Forgive me, but I should have imagined that your lord had enough upon his hands with his Roman barons, to make him a little more indulgent to us foreign visitors. Stephen Colonna "

After a pause of surprise, disappointment, and reflection, Rosamond resumed: "So I am to understand it to be your opinion, that a woman of sense, delicacy, proper pride, honour, and prudence, must, can, and ought to shut her eyes, ears, understanding, and heart, against all the merit and all the powers of pleasing a man may possess, till said man shall and do make a matrimonial proposal for her in due form hey!

"Wait a little while until to-morrow," she replied finally, as if overcome by the recollections of her weird dream and the unexpected sequel of his proposal. "Let it be as you wish, then," agreed Bennett quietly. He took her hand and kissed it passionately. An instant later Aunt Josephine returned. Elaine, unstrung by what had happened, excused herself and went into the library.