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They worked in swift silence, hoisting the anchor, letting out the sail, a single reef, making it fast. "All she'll stan'," said Uncle William. He turned to the helm. Andrew, seated on the tiller bench, glared at him defiantly. "If she's going out, I take her," he said. "You get right over there and tend the sheet, Andy," said Uncle William. In silence the other obeyed.

Glenfernie rose from the step, in his face strong anger and denial. He stood, seeking for words, looking down upon the seated woman and her flowers. She met him with parted lips and a straight, fearless look. "Will you take half the flowers, Glenfernie, and put them for Elspeth?" "No. I cannot go there now!" "I thought you would not. Now I am Elspeth. I love her.

Joseph became shy at once, but he liked to feel Azariah's friendly hand upon his shoulder, and when Dan asked the scribe to be seated Joseph followed him, and standing beside his chair asked him if he would teach him Hebrew, a question Azariah did not answer.

I would rather go in a pung than in a sleigh; it is more romantic," Miss Newville said. It was quickly arranged. Robert went to the Green Dragon, put new straw in the pung, and was soon back with the team. They were eight in number and quickly seated themselves.

Seated upon the first slope of a gentle hill, midway of the great valley heretofore described, the village looked due south, toward the chains of mountains, which we had crossed on the preceding evening, and which in that direction bounded the landscape.

In the valley this beverage was universally prepared in the following way:—Some half-dozen young boys seated themselves in a circle around an empty wooden vessel, each one of them being supplied with a certain quantity of the roots of thearva,” broken into small bits and laid by his side.

Susan seated herself on the edge of the chair, put her bundle beside her. "I allow you'll stay to dinner," said Keziah. "Yes," replied Susan. "Then I'll go put on some more to cook." "Oh, no please don't I couldn't eat anything really, I couldn't." The girl spoke hysterically. Just then Jeb came round the house and appeared in the doorway. He grinned and winked at Susan, looked at his sister.

His back was towards her as she entered; he was seated in a low-backed library-chair, with both elbows upon the writing-table before him, and resting his head upon the left hand in an attitude that was habitual with him when seated there thinking. Before him, opened, lay a long letter, the adjutant's letter from Hays.

After twice ringing the bell, the door was opened by a middle-aged woman, whose appearance was above that of a common menial; dressed, somewhat gaily for her years, in a cap seated very far back on a black touroet, and decorated with red ribands, an apron made out of an Indian silk handkerchief, a puce-coloured sarcenet gown, black silk stockings, long gilt earrings, and a watch at her girdle.

"If spry be active, mistress," said a voice from the darkness aft, "then should you find naught here amiss. Right lusty workers, these, I promise you! Roundly, men, and a shilling each if we do win the race!" "Ay ay, sir!" came the willing response, and Rebecca, satisfied that they could do no more, seated herself again, to wait as best she might.