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Love freed from Ignorance and Folly, a Masque. Love Restored, in a Masque, at Court, 1630. Love's Welcome, the King and Queen's Entertainment at Bolsover, at the Earl of Newcastle's, 1634. Magnetick Lady, or Humours Reconciled, a Comedy, acted at the Black Fryars, and printed 1640. This play was smartly and virulently attacked by Dr. Gill, Master of St.

All I am, all I hope, will you take this poor offering from one who owes you everything, whose lips never touched those of woman or breathed a word of love before you?" What could Euthymia reply to this question, uttered with all the depth of a passion which had never before found expression. Not one syllable of answer did listening Mrs. Butts overhear.

"Oh, nothing." He repressed the remark: "Why you should not see him." She did not insist. She was poking her hair under her veil. "Heavens! what a fright I look!" He took her hands and kissed them. "When shall I see you again?" "I thought I wasn't to come here any more." "Oh, now, you know I love you as a good friend. Tell me, when will you come again?"

What was this thing she was striving for but a substitute for the real things of life love and tenderness, children, a home of her own? Quite suddenly she loathed the gray carpet on the floor, the pink chairs, the shaded lamps. Tillie was no longer the waitress at a cheap boarding-house. She loomed large, potential, courageous, a woman who held life in her hands. "Why don't you go to Mrs.

Man knows that there is such a thing as love, but he does not know what love is.

The man that has received Christ desires to be holy, because the nature of the faith that lays hold on Christ worketh by love, and longeth, yea, greatly longeth, that the soul may be brought not only into a universal conformity to his will, but into his very likeness; and because that state agreeth not with what we are now, but with what we shall be hereafter: "Therefore in this we groan, being burdened" with that which is of a contrary nature, "earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven;" which state is not that of Adam'a innocency, but that which is spiritual and heavenly, even that which is now in the Lord in heaven.

It was clear she had been reading everything she could on the subject, and feeding upon it in a loneliness, and under a constraint, which touched Meynell profoundly. The conflict in her between a spiritual heredity the heredity of her father's message and her tender love for her mother had never been so plain to him.

Ambition had misled him; not his to triumph on the heights of glorious passion; for him a humbler happiness a calmer love. Yet he would not have been Piers Otway had this mood contented him. On the second day of his dreaming about Olga, she began to shine before his imagination in no pale light.

This day a good, kind friend abandons me because I will not turn aside from my charitable mission to suspect another person as wrongfully as he I love has been suspected. Mem.: To see, or make inquiries about Mr. Hand. General Rolleston had taken a furnished house in Hanover Square. He now moved into it, and Helen was compelled to busy herself in household arrangements.

In the love of a woman my best years have gone by," Lavretsky went on thinking, "let me be sobered by the sameness of life here, let me be soothed and made ready, so that I may learn to do my duty without haste."