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Without even a groan he dropped. "Clear the decks!" Case yelled, sweeping round in a circle. All fell back before that whirling knife. Several of the Indians started as if to raise their rifles; but Legget's stern command caused them to desist. The Englishman and the outlaw now engaged in a fearful encounter.

His face grew livid as he read, his white lips were tightly compressed, but could not shut in the sound of a convulsive groan. Maurice, not suspecting the true cause of his father's agitation, went on,

Anne!" cried Giles, coming forward, his mouth dry, his hands clenched. "Do not tell me that you killed Daisy." There was a groan and silence, but Anne so far as he could see buried her face in the pillow. It was Franklin who spoke. "Anne, you must tell the truth once and for all." "No, no," she cried, "Giles would despise me." "Anne," he cried in agony, "did you kill her?"

Presently Dan Anderson was guilty of a thing revolutionary, horrible! He sat silent as long as he could, but at length there broke from him a groan that was half a sob. He rose and flung out an arm at the great blue heaven. "Girl!" he cried. "Girl!" Then he sank down, burying his face in his hands.

"It isn't that," he said, with a hart-rendin groan, "it's only a way I have. My mind's upset to-day. I at one time tho't I'd drive you into the Thames. I've been readin in all the daily papers to try and understand about Governor Ayre, and my mind is totterin. It's really wonderful I didn't drive you into the Thames."

But as soon as he had disappeared, determined to make sure work with their victim, they again began to pound and trample on the body. In the intervals of the attack, the still living man would feebly lift his head, or roll it from side to side on the stones, or heave a faint groan. The whole afternoon was spent in this fiendish work, and no attempt was made to rescue him.

He could see nothing; but he moved in the direction of the voice. After a few strides he was stopped by a consciousness of something before him, and there was a constrained groan. "Careful, man I'm hurt. Unhorsed this morning. Been crawling all day for shade. Strike a match, will you? God! but it's a night!" Stephen struck a light.

"'Jane, he ordered, 'a light a light. "'I have lighted the gas, Mr. Haswell, she cried. "A groan followed. He had himself found a match, had struck it, had even burnt his fingers with it, yet he saw nothing. "The blow had fallen. At almost the very hour which Prescott, by means of his weird telepagram, had predicted, old Haswell was stricken. "'I'm blind, he gasped. 'Send for Dr. Burnham."

This was the thought in his heart, as looking far off to the horizon, he asked hopefully: "What then, O God, shall this good land produce That Thou art watering it so carefully?" "So when fierce zeal a nation rends, And stern injustice rules the throne, Beneath the yoke meek virtue bends, And modest truth is heard to groan.

She welcomed me feebly, stroked my hair and my cheeks, smiled sweetly, and closed her eyes. My aunt led me away. When bedtime came, I went to my own room, and was soon fast asleep. What roused me I do not know, but I awoke in the midst of the darkness, and the next moment I heard a groan. It thrilled me with horror. I sat up in bed and listened, but heard no more.

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