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The mired streets were already shadowy and silent save for the whoop of a solitary carouser, and the evening star had come out cold and distant over the west, where an amber stretch of sky still sought feebly to hold night apart from day. Through the small, grated window of one of the two cells which that prison boasted, Parish Thornton stood looking out and he saw the evening star.

"Call Parker," she said, feebly, yet imperiously. Still no one spoke. She kept glancing sideways at the window, where nothing was to be seen but the gathering night. In a few moments she rose and walked straight from the room, erect, but white as a corpse. I followed, passed her, and opened the hall-door.

Watson was peering at him anxiously. "That's right; open your eyes," he said. "We had a narrow escape, but we're over the river at last. I just got you over in time, for when we neared shore you let go of me, and I had to pull you in by the hair of your head." "How can I ever thank you," said George, feebly but gratefully. "By not trying," answered Watson. "Come, there's not a second to lose.

On her right sat her eldest son, Frank, who was a curate in Pimlico. In Frank's face, which was sharp and thin, like his father's, were the marks of some conflict which his father's did not know. You somehow felt that each of the other Potters had one aim, and that Frank had, or, anyhow, felt that he ought to have, another besides, however feebly he aimed at it.

Dominic pointed at the sea, where the guardacosta was a mere dark speck. His chin dropped on his breast. ". . . On information," he murmured, in a gloomy voice. "A Cervoni! Oh! my poor brother! . . ." "And you drowned him," I said feebly. "I struck once, and the wretch went down like a stone with the gold. Yes. But he had time to read in my eyes that nothing could save him while I was alive.

The light of his faith was burning feebly and unsteadily; a little more, and it seemed as if it might have utterly gone out. But at last the storm was lulling; as the charges are brought personally home to him, the confidence in his own real innocence rises against them.

Some time, she knew not when, there was a heavy step beside her, and a rough hand shook hers where she stooped, feebly tracing out the lines of mortar between the stones. It was Knowles. She looked up, bewildered. "Hunting catarrhs, eh?" he growled, eying her keenly. "Got your father on the Bourbons, so took the chance to come and find you. He'll not miss ME for an hour.

Jinks smiled again rather more feebly than before and edged himself, by degrees, back into his own corner. Mr. Nupkins debated the matter within himself for a few seconds, and then, rising from his chair, and requesting Mr. Pickwick and Sam to follow him, led the way into a small room which opened into the justice-parlour. Desiring Mr.

She cried and threw her arms round his neck, saying: "O Bob! Bob! What am I to do? What am I to do at all?" She would put an end to herself, she said. He comforted her feebly, telling her not to cry, that it would be all right, never fear. He felt against his shirt the agitation of her bosom. It was not altogether his fault that it had happened.

Madame cried out, and Duncombe felt all his vague fears spring into a terrified apprehension of actual evil. The curtain before the window had been hastily drawn, but the lamp which the portress carried was sufficient feebly to illuminate the room. The table-cloth and a broken vase lay upon the floor. A few feet off was an overturned chair.