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For, as he explained in an audible aside to the ticket-agent, this sahib was an outlander and, being as ignorant as most sahibs, could not understand Hindi. At this the Eurasian turned away to hide a grin of delight and the driver winked deliberately at Amber the while he broadly sketched for him his ancestry and the manner of his life at home and abroad.

There were perhaps a few hardy pioneer farmers on the southern fringes of the district, but the principle reason traders came to this region was to get amber and furs. The Beaker people dealt in both. Now as the three sheltered under the wide branches of a towering pine Ashe fumbled with a pack and brought out the "beaker" which was the identifying mark of his adopted people.

"They cannot give you that, I am sure," said Friedrich, his brother, who sat by him. "Then," said the boy, "I wish father may take me with him the next time he goes out bear-shooting." "I wish for a white kitten with blue eyes," said a little girl whose name was Therese. "I shall wish to find an amber necklace that does not belong to any one," said another little girl.

She arose listlessly and walked toward the window, which opened out upon the wide, cool, rose-embowered porch. The sunshine glimmered on her amber satin robe, and the white frost-work of lace at her throat, and upon the dark, rich beauty of her southern face. "Miss Pluma," called Mrs. Corliss, the housekeeper, entering the room, "there is a person down-stairs who wishes to see you.

Ahead, he saw Labertouche step out upon a shelving shore and, shaking his legs with an effect irresistibly suggestive of a dog leaving the water, peer inland through the tamarisks. His low, whistled signal sounded as Amber joined him and put down the girl reluctantly. Her whispered thanks were interrupted by an exclamation from Labertouche. "Hang it all! he can't've mistaken the spot.

"And I am not at all sure that amber is becoming to me." And just at that moment there came a tap at the door, which she knew was from Octavia. She laid the cap back, in some confusion at being surprised in a moment of weakness. "Come in, my love," she said. Octavia pushed the door open, and came in.

He considered everything and estimated everything; hence her face, rosy and clear, her fresh lips, as if set for a kiss, her eyes blue as the azure of the sea, the alabaster whiteness of her forehead, the wealth of her dark hair, with the reflection of amber or Corinthian bronze gleaming in its folds, her slender neck, the divine slope of her shoulders, the whole posture, flexible, slender, young with the youth of May and of freshly opened flowers.

The great tent of the chief with its high roof, its vast spread of white, red, and amber striped cloth of close-woven camel's hair, rose nobly above all the others, as a mosque rises above a crowd of prostrate worshippers at prayer.

She tried the experiment with the amber and thread, and was much amused by seeing the thread attracted, and wanted to see the sparks from the cat's back, only there happened, unfortunately, to be no black cat or kitten in Government House. Mrs.

The Suffet brushed them with his robe as he passed without even looking at some gigantic pieces of amber, an almost divine material formed by the rays of the sun. A cloud of odorous vapour burst forth. "Push open the door!" They went in.