"Thanks, thanks, my child," said the old man, feeling for the neck of the jar. But he could not find it, and exclaimed with surprise: "How damp and cold it is this is clay, and our jar was a gourd." "I have broken it," interrupted Hermas, "and Paulus lent me his."

"No offense," said M. Paul, "but this is a case where even as able a judge as yourself must have special assistance and Gibelin couldn't find the truth in a thousand years. Do you think he's fit to handle this case?" "Officially I have no opinion," answered Hauteville guardedly, "but I don't mind telling you personally that I I'm sorry to lose you." "Thanks," said M. Paul.

Again, who has aroused in William these unjust suspicions, these ill-founded fears?" After another silence he said to Angela, "God be praised, my child, the storm is past; thanks to thee; thanks to this brave adventurer!

It's, thanks to you, that the reputation of me, his mother, and of him, my son, is preserved intact! I really never had the faintest idea that you were so excellent! But you had better go now; I know of a way. Yet, just another word. After your remarks to me, I'll hand him over to your charge; please be careful of him.

And when Gilbert straightened up and gave thanks to God for the woman who had never stirred him, but whose courage and tenderness had added to his respect, he too turned towards the sea with its blank horizon, the sea upon which he was to be taken by his good wife for rest and sleep, and there was Joan ... young, and slight and alluring, with her back to him and her hands behind her back, and the mere sight of her churned his blood again, and set his dull fire into flames.

Scotty groaned. "Rick! You clumsy ox. Get off the man!" "I'm trying to," Rick said plaintively. "My shoe came off. Here. Help me up." "Help yourself!" Scotty returned sharply. "I'm trying to help this gentleman." Rick rolled clear and Scotty got the man to his feet. He was something less than spotlessly clean, thanks to the dust of the road, and there was a rip in the arm of his coat.

Katie did not hope so, and, in fact, did not know whether to hope so or not. All would depend upon circumstances. And as she did not know how circumstances were, and was not willing to ask, she did not know what to say now; so she simply said the very non-committal words, "Thanks, señor." Lopez could tell pretty well why she said no more than this.

On my arrival at the Elysee I was immediately introduced into the king's apartments, who repeated his thanks in the most gracious manner, and gave me a pretty Breguet watch.

Boulte began to breathe through her nose before breaking out into tears, he laughed and stared straight in front of him at the Dosehri hills. 'Is that all? he said. 'Thanks, I only wanted to know, you know. 'What are you going to do? said the woman, between her sobs. 'Do! Nothing. What should I do? Kill Kurrell, or send you Home, or apply for leave to get a divorce?

The crowd began to leave now, for there was nothing more to see, and it was cold. "My!" exclaimed Bert as his father came back to where he had left his son, "it didn't take long to settle that fire." "No, we have a good fire department," replied Mr. Bobbsey. The fire chief came up to Mr Bobbsey, who expressed his thanks for the quick work of the firemen.