They entered, extended to every one in turn their unbending palms, unused to hand-clasps, gave their names abruptly in a low voice Manya, Katie, Liuba ... They sat down on somebody's knees, embraced him around the neck, and, as usual, began to importune: "Little student, you're such a little good-looker. May I ask for oranzes?" "Volodenka, buy me some candy! All right?" "And me chocolate!"

Gag him!" Several of the men sprang toward Brooke, who struggled madly, shouting at the same time words which soon were drowned in the uproar that followed. Lopez now snatched a rifle from one of his men. Katie gave a loud scream; Russell fell on his knees; Ashby shuddered. Lopez took deadly aim at Talbot. "Your time is up!" he said, coolly.

They are all coming, up to forty of them in number, and Miss Kathleen O'Hara is the queen amongst them. Miss Katie O'Flynn is coming, too, and it's to your house they're to come; and it's to happen to-morrow night." "Really, Susy, of all the impertinent children, I do think you beat all. Forty people coming into this tiny house, where we can scarcely turn round with more than two in the house!

Wayne was looking very serious. He did not respond to did not appear to have heard Katie's remark about Worth needing some new clothes. Katie wondered what he was thinking about; she supposed some new kind of barrel steel. She took it for granted that nothing short of steel could produce that look.

And now Katie was talking to Captain Prescott and thinking of the man who mended the boats. Captain Prescott was a good one to be talking to when one wished to be thinking of some one else. He called one to no dim, receding distances. She was thinking that in everything save the things which counted most he was not unlike this other man name unknown.

I didna think you needed foundations to your fancies, Davie, lad." "Well, maybe no' just as long as they are fancies, grandfather," said Davie, looking outwardly a little sheepish, but with inward triumph, as Katie knew quite well. For to get his grandfather to listen to him was a great step. "And now, Katie, I'll just ask grandfather which is right, you or me.

Moodie seconded the move; and, in spite of the tears and prayers of Katie, her uncouth pet was sacrificed to the general wants of the family; but there were two members of the house who disdained to eat a morsel of the victim; poor Katie and the dog Hector.

Helen came home about seven o'clock, rather tired, and very much interested in her purchases, to find a cozy tea awaiting her, and Polly anxious to serve her. The twin girls were supposed to be learning their lessons in the school-room, Katie was nowhere to be seen, and Helen remarked casually that she supposed the young ones had gone to bed. "Oh, yes," said Polly, in her quickest manner.

Neither Lloyd nor Alex noticed the determined silence in which Bernice stalked along, and when she presently slipped back with the excuse that she wanted to speak to Katie, they scarcely missed her. There was nothing unusual in the action, as all the others were changing company at intervals.

There was a dark, half-dried stain upon the front of her bodice. "I'm dying! Oh, Katie, it's so dreadful all alone there. Will you go and bring Will to me? Oh, do." Katrine looked down upon her as she tried to raise her to her feet. The fire was still burning brightly and filled the room with light.