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And then Arthur softly, almost wistfully, opened and held the door for the others to pass. The Colonel slunk meekly in, and sat in a chair in the background. The Major stalked in expressionless, and hovered towards the sofa where his wife sat. There was a rather cold-water-down-your-back feeling in the library. The ladies had been waiting for coffee. Sir William was waiting, too.

One was telling how he had stalked a wild boar, and the furious onset the wounded animal made on him, causing him to drop his gun, and climb a tree, and the terrible grunt of the beast he well remembered, and the whole welkin rang with the peals of laughter which his mimic powers evoked.

And the two men stalked silently from the scene of the tragedy, leaving Achmed rubbing his hands in glee, with intervals of removing particles of dust from his eyes and mouth, whilst his virago of a first wife ambled in to ascertain the proceeds of the evening, an account of which caused her to raise dirty hands to heaven and praise Allah, before she ambled out again, contemptuously kicking the dead body en passant, which action nearly upset the equilibrium of her cumbersome body, as she hastened to summon the help necessary to lift and carry to the jackals the body of La Belle who had missed her chance.

They passed through the beautiful grounds, past fountains and beds of lovely flowers, and met no one. Then they unlatched a gate and entered a street of the city, and met no one. "I wonder how a fat baby will taste," remarked the Tiger, as they stalked majestically along, side by side. "I imagine it will taste like nutmegs," said the Lion.

The movement of these shadows and reflected lights was exactly that of the rays of an Aurora Borealis, minus colour. I can conceive no resemblance more perfect. They stalked across the ceiling with the same kind of movement absolutely. A Tragic Expression The three occasions when I have seen a really tragic expression upon a face were as follows: When Mrs.

He flourished his hand above the lady's head, and called for a sword. The lady affected to search for one while he stalked up and down in the jaunty fashion of a Magyar horseman; but the sword was not to be discovered without his assistance, and he was led away in search of it. The moment he was alone Wilfrid burst into tears. He could bear anything better than the sight of fondling lovers.

From this spot he stalked ten paces westward, and of a sudden disappeared from view. "Help!" he cried. "Hullo, Sam's disappeared!" cried Dick, and ran toward the spot. "Look out!" sang out John Barrow. "There may be a nasty hole there!" Nevertheless, he too went forward, and they soon beheld Sam floundering in snow up to his neck.

I just pushed her away to one side. 'Lady Lyndon, said I, 'you are an old fool! 'Old fool! said she; and she jumped at the bell, which was quickly answered by a mouldy-looking gentleman in an unpowdered wig, to whom she cried, 'Say Lady Lyndon is here; and stalked down the passage muttering 'Old fool. It was 'OLD' which was the epithet that touched her. I might call her anything but that.

Aryaman stalked about with a terrible bludgeon furnished with sharp spikes, and Mitra stood there with a discus sharp as a razor. And, O monarch, Pusha and Bhaga and Savitri, in wrath, rushed at Krishna and Partha with bows and scimitars in hand.

They tried to get him away, for the funeral, but he snarled at them so they had to let him be." Katharine's face softened. "That's a friend worth having," said she thoughtfully. "Some people say 'only a dog, but if he is faithful to his master, even after death has come, what more can he do?" "Oh, dear me; there's Job!" exclaimed Polly suddenly, as the old creature stalked into sight.