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Now the business of Mental Science is to ascertain the relation of this individual power of volition to the great cosmic law which provides for the maintenance and advancement of the race; and the point to be carefully noted is that the power of individual volition is itself the outcome of the cosmic evolutionary principle at the point where it reaches its highest level.

As yet no order had been received to beat to quarters, and many were of opinion that the captain would only stand on near enough to ascertain the character of the strangers, and then, should they prove enemies, make all sail away from them.

Though I could not move to feel about, I was convinced, by the closeness of the atmosphere, that I was in a small place probably in a compartment of the boatswain's store-room. My next object was to get the handkerchief off my eyes, to ascertain if any light penetrated my place of confinement.

It was necessary to have light to examine the state of the barometer, and thus ascertain what was our elevation above the sea level, and to take our measures in consequence. Andreoli broke five phosphoric matches, without getting a spark of fire. Nevertheless, we succeeded, after very great difficulty, by the help of the flint and steel, in lighting the lantern.

'Again, for observation of the rapid changes in these dialects, I have not much opportunity. For no one in Melanesia can be my informant. It is not easy where so many dialects must be known for practical purposes, for the introductory part of Mission work, to talk to some wild naked old fellow, and to make him understand what I am anxious to ascertain.

He requested that I send or go myself to Canada and ascertain such further facts as I could in reference to the conspiracy and the movements of the conspirators. Gen. Anderson, my son Jackson, and myself held a consultation as to my going.

I have taken pains to ascertain the opinions of several of the chaplains attached to the great convict prisons, and they are practically unanimous in condemning the present system of education.

With Sir Bernard we made an examination of the tongue and other organs, in order to ascertain the progress of the disease from which the deceased had been suffering, but a detailed account of our discoveries can have no interest for the lay reader. In a word, our conclusions were that the murdered man could easily have lived another year or more. The disease was not so advanced as we had believed.

This possibility being fortunately precluded, two matters awaited him on the morrow. He must take stock of the picture very carefully, and call in a witness for the purpose, and he must make a determined effort to ascertain what house it was that was represented. He would therefore ask his neighbour Nisbet to breakfast with him, and he would subsequently spend a morning over the gazetteer.

"The great object of your journey will be to pursue the course of this river to the utmost possible distance to which it can be traced, to establish communication and intercourse with the different nations on the banks, to obtain all the local knowledge in your power respecting them, and to ascertain the various points stated in the memoir which you delivered to me on the 4th of October last.