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Everything is known in a government office. The incapable man has a wife with a clear head, who has pushed him along and got him nominated for deputy; if he has not talent enough for an office, he cabals in the Chamber. The wife of another has a statesman at her feet. A third is the hidden informant of a powerful journalist. Often the disgusted and hopeless supernumerary sends in his resignation.

His informant regarding the condition of the market was Robert Johnson, who had been separated from his mother in his childhood and reared by his mistress as a favorite slave. She had fondled him as a pet animal, and even taught him to read. Notwithstanding their relation as mistress and slave, they had strong personal likings for each other.

I would sacrifice half my worldly wealth, that he should not escape my vengeance." As Don Alvarez was the informant, and uttered these words with the apparent violence of rage, the inquisitors had no suspicion, but hastened to comply with his request. As soon as they had departed, he opened the panel and let me out.

Description of informant: Small, emaciated, slightly graying, very thin kinky hair, tightly braided in small pigtails. Somewhat wrinkled, toothless. Active for her age, does washing for a living. Other points gained in interview: Strange inability of local Old Age Pension officials to establish right of claimants to benefits. Inexplainable causes of refusal of direct relief.

There's a reform orator there to-day and a barn-burners' camp-fire." Without waiting to thank his informant, Saint-Prosper pulled his horse quickly around, while the man in the buckboard gradually got under way, until he had once more attained a comfortable, slow gait.

Other Arab and Wasuahili merchants have corroborated Snay's statement, as also a Hindi merchant, called Musa, whom I especially mention, as I consider him a very valuable informant not only from the straightforward way he had of telling his story, but also because we could converse with one another direct, and so obviate any chance of errors.

Seventy magnificent creatures had been brought down by a single breeder, a comfortable- looking, keen-eyed, ruddy-cheeked gentleman who stood beside the sales-man and whispered cautions and precepts into his ear. "That's Flynn of Kildare," said Dodds's informant. "Jack Flynn has brought down that string of horses, and the other large string over yonder belongs to Tom Flynn, his brother.

She seen them and she could name men acted as Ku Kluxes but they never bothered her and she wasn't afraid of them. "I cooked all my life till I got disabled. I never had a child. I wish I had a girl. I've been considered a fine cook all of my life." Name and address of informant Sarah Sexton, Route 4, Box 685, Pine Bluff Date and time of interview November 3, 1958, 10:00 a.m.

Special skills and interests Cooking. Community and religious activities Member of Palestine Baptist Church. Description of informant Medium height, plump, light complexion and gray hair. Other points gained in interview Injured in auto wreck seven years ago. Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson Person interviewed: Roberta Shaver, West Memphis, Arkansas Age: 50

No one could tell how long the Yankee army would stop at Nashville before moving elsewhere, and it was certain that Memphis was uncovered by the fall of Fort Donelson. My informant first learned the important tidings in the rotunda of the Gayoso House. Seeing a group of his acquaintances with faces depicting the utmost gloom, he asked what was the matter. "Bad enough," said one.