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This done, each man of you will go soberly about his business, remembering that God's dealings are not those of men; remembering also that this gentleman is under my protection." Doffing his red cap, he stepped slowly backward out of the wide ring about the market-cross. His example was followed by all; a few moments and the last rays of the sinking sun lay only upon bare stone and earth.

"Now, confound it all," said Moses, "I care more for our little Mara than a dozen of her; and what have I been fooling all this time for? now Mara will think I don't love her." And, in fact, our young gentleman rather set his heart on the sensation he was going to make when he got home.

She left off various articles of "jewelry." She began to help her mother in some of her household duties. She became a regular attendant on the ministrations of a very worthy clergyman, having been attracted to his meetin' by witnessing a marriage ceremony in which he called a man and a woman a "gentleman" and a "lady," a stroke of gentility which quite overcame her.

He was afraid to fight Jack Forsythe, with no reference to, or regard for, his standing as an officer and a gentleman. But now, it seemed, all this was to leave him.

It is scarcely necessary to say that Jaaf belonged to a school by which the term of "coloured gentleman" was never used.

His quick comments, his indirect but acute questions, his exciting and alluring reminiscences of the East, his subtle yet seemingly frank compliments, had only stimulated a new capacity in her, evoked comparisons of this delicate-looking, fine-faced gentleman with the men of the West by whom she was surrounded.

It was a week later that a gentleman, whose clothes and bearing guaranteed him to be a genuine denizen of the city, stopped at Scattergood's store. Scattergood was sitting, as usual, on the piazza, in his especially reinforced chair, laying in wait for somebody to whom he could sell a bit of hardware, no matter how small. "Good morning," said the gentleman. "Is this Mr. Scattergood Baines?"

Dismounting from the elephants which had carried them to the borders of the jungle, each gentleman, attended by a native carrying an additional gun, approached the jungle, into which the beaters fearlessly threw themselves. The forest was tolerably thick, so that they soon by some chance became separated.

And it struck him that while Powell was on shore to-day he had undoubtedly had his hair cut. This interested him though why, he would have found it difficult to say. "Mr. Bates thought you should be informed that a gentleman called early yesterday afternoon, as he said by appointment." Yes certainly Powell had had his hair cut. "Did the gentleman give his name?" "Yes, sir, M. Paul Destournelle."

The last thing she could be clear about was that Dave was shouting for joy, and Dolly frightened and crying. Then a gentleman carried her upstairs out of a carriage. "No!" said Gwen. "Carried her downstairs into a carriage.... Oh no! I know what she meant. It was my cousin Percy, not the fireman." At this point Dr. Nash returned from the bedroom.

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