In common with his three brothers he had been through the mills of gentility those unique grinding machines of education only found in his native land. Tod, to be sure, had been publicly sacked at the end of his third term, for climbing on to the headmaster's roof and filling up two of his chimneys with football pants, from which he had omitted to remove his name.

Of what use telling such a man to take comfort, for he had written the "Minstrel" and "Rob Roy," telling him to think of his literary fame? Literary fame, indeed! he wanted back his lost gentility: "Retain my altar, I care nothing for it but, oh! touch not my beard." PORNY'S War of the Gods.

In some cases, fashion had so far got the better of tradition, that the reins were handled by a smart-looking lady in hat and feathers and fashionable dress, but for the most part by toil-embrowned homely women, with a coloured handkerchief twisted round their heads and no pretention to gentility.

Frank Vance remains a bachelor, and sneers at gentility abhors poets is insulted if you promise posthumous fame gets the best price he can for his pictures and is proud to be thought a miser. Here we are at his door." Vance was before his easel, Lionel looking over his shoulder. Never was Darrell more genial than he was that day to Frank Vance.

He was no longer the bearded desperado Jack had seen in the mêlée at Rosedale there was a certain distinction in the poise of the head, an inborn gentility in the impassive contemplation with which he met the furtive scrutiny of the curious visitors.

Despite your Christianity, and despite your gentility you are a liar. Now, sir, unless you have anything further to say to me, you may go." Ziska, when thus addressed, rose of course from his seat. By nature he was not a coward, but he was unready, and knew not what to do or to say on the spur of the moment. "I did not come here to be insulted," he said.

We have read the earlier manifesto; let us now compare the later: Situation extremely healthy. Sea and country air; deep gravelly soil. Christian gentility assiduously cultivated on sound Church principles. Diet unsurpassed. Wardrobes carefully preserved. The course of instruction comprises English, classics, mathematics, and science. Inclusive terms, 30 guineas per annum, quarterly in advance.

It was a republic of incognitos: no one knew who anyone else was, and only the more ill-mannered and uneasy even desired to know. In such a country as this, gentlemen took more trouble to conceal their gentility than thieves living in South Kensington would take to conceal their blackguardism. In such a country everyone is an equal, because everyone is a stranger.

It was not a very happy week-end for me, for the sight of those two straight, intelligent lads and their charming, golden-haired sister turning and turning inside that tiny house just because it was Sunday and a visitor was present, got on my mind. I saw away ahead, and wondered if they would have any luck in their fight with gentility! Humph! "No, I was not enamoured of what I saw of England.

'Delicious! said he, grasping my hand. 'I had no idea that high gentility numbered chivalry among its virtues. Lady Sinfi, he continued, turning to her, 'they say this brother of yours is a character, and, by Jove! he is. And as to you, dear lady, I am proud of the family connection. The man who has two Romany Rye kinsmen may be excused for showing a little pride.