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Her touch has not defiled your necklace." "Yes, you must defend what you persuaded," flashed out the duchess. "It's the greatest insult I was ever subjected to in my life!" Here was the second lady I had insulted on that summer day! "I did but suggest it it was her own wish." "Your suggestion is her wish! How charming!" said the duchess. "You are unjust to her!" I said, a little warmly.

"One of the people who keep India safe for you bagmen," replied the Colonel, who was a trifle indignant on behalf of the insulted Subedar Major Mir Daoud Khan Mir Hafiz Ullah Khan of the 99th Baluch Light Infantry. "No doubt he thought I was another officer," reflected Horace. "They think you're a gent, if you chivvy 'em." At Umbalpur Colonel Wilberforce Wriothesley left the train and Mr.

The cunning Norman knew well the effect this strange parallel would have; and it is indeed inconceivable how damaging his sarcasm proved. A short time afterwards, D'Antin, wishing also to please, but more imprudent, insulted the son of Chamillart so grossly, and abused the father so publicly, that he was obliged afterwards to excuse himself.

"I have insisted upon THAT," said Mrs. Foote. "I will not tolerate such an affair." "There is no AFFAIR," said Bonbright, finding his voice. His young eyes began to glow angrily. "What right have you to suppose such a thing just because Miss Frazer happens to be a stenographer and because her mother keeps a boarder! Father insulted her yesterday. That caused the trouble.

Forward, cowardly knaves! will ye hear your king insulted, and not revenge it? forward, I say! fear ye a single man?"

As far as the language was concerned the letter was one to be read at Charing Cross." "He says that she was annoyed and insulted." "Impossible! It was a letter that any man might have written to any woman." "Well; you have got to take care of yourself at any rate. What will you do?" "What ought I to do?" "Go to the police." Mr.

Your king, in happy security, reigns in the confidence of his people, whilst our anointed Stanislaus is baited and insulted by oppression from without and ingratitude within. Do not envy me; I would rather live in obscurity all my days than have the means which calamity may produce of acquiring celebrity over the ruins of Poland.

They were insulted, jabbed at with bayonets, and put under arrest. One soldier held his gun close to Mrs. Weigall and struck her full in the chest with his closed fist when she moved. The man called them by the most insulting names possible, keeping the choicest phrases for the lady. Their servants were kicked.

While an engagement lasted, the man could bring an action for damages against any one who insulted or injured his fiancée. The Roman marriage was a purely civil contract based on consent. The definition given by the law was a noble one. "Marriage is the union of a man and a woman and a partnership of all life; a mutual sharing of laws human and divine."

Hitherto he had betrayed no symptom of personal malevolence towards the House of Bourbon but henceforth the autocrat, insulted as he thought in the style of "Monsieur Buonaparte," appears to have meditated some signal act of revenge.