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The parallel passage in Matthew links his appearance with the events which it has been narrating by the phrase 'in these days, and calls him 'the Baptist. Mark has no such words, but lets him stand forth in his isolation. The two accounts may profitably be compared.

She had not only some of the sweetest attributes of the wild rose, but the parallel might have been extended as far as the thorns, for she had wounded her scores, hearts, be it understood, not hands.

But however admissible this conception may seem, there is of course no real objection to the assumption of independent and parallel mutations. For the purpose of a comparison with the Helwingia type we are however, not at all concerned with the species to which the trifurcatum variety belongs, but only with the varietal mark itself.

Just as the train arrived, the roar began to abate, and in about half-an-hour it had passed over to the north, leaving behind the rain, cold and continuous, which fell all round us from a dark, heavy, grey sky. The carnage in which we were was a third-class, with seats arranged parallel to the sides.

A wooden partition about eight feet high, and richly painted with arabesques, runs from the western side of the railing across the mosque, parallel with the south wall, and about twenty-five feet distant from it, and terminating near the gate called Bab-es-Salam, thus extending from the Hedjra nearly across the whole breadth of the mosque. It

Parallel to this street run two short ones which form the old Dutch town, and are enclosed by gates. These consist of private houses, and at their southern end is the fort, the church, and a road at right angles to the beach, containing the houses of the Governor and of the principal officials.

They accordingly advised their master to soothe the irritation which prevailed both in the Parliament and throughout the country, and for that end, to take a step which has no parallel in the history of the House of Stuart, and which was worthy of the prudence and magnanimity of Oliver.

They were used to form many different designs, as scrolls, foliage, and parallel fillets, such as may be seen on the foot of an altar and the base of a column preserved in the Gizeh Museum. The royal ovals were mostly in one piece; so also were the figures. The details, either incised or modelled upon the clay before firing, were afterwards painted with such colours as might be suitable.

The army now being in compact form confronting the enemy, he withdrew to Bush and Kensington Mountains, in front of Henrietta, covering the railroad to Gate City. Gen. Sherwood moved his army on a parallel line to Shan tee, covering the railroad to the rear, being our line of communication, directly confronting the enemy on the Mountain ridge.

A is the end the nativs use as the bow, but which on first Sight I took to be the Stern c. d. is a comb cut of the solid wood with the Canoe, and projects from the Center of the end of the Canoe being about 1 inch thick, it's Sides parallel and edge at c, d, Sharp it is from 9 to 11 inches in debth and extends from the under part of the bow sprit at A to the bottom at, d,. the Stern B is nearly rounding and gradually assending. 1, 2, 3, represents the rim of the gunnals about 4 inches wide, reather ascending as they recede from the Canoe. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, are the holes through which the String pass to fasten the round pieces which pass Crosswise the Canoe to Strengthen & lift her.