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Presently he spoke to his men, who seized their weapons with an air of alacrity, as if preparing for some instant expedition, and Arthur, turning to us, said that we must set out in a body for the inlet where we had seen the canoe of the other party, as it was thought of the utmost importance to secure it if possible.

"I want to talk to you," murmured Ham, not knowing what else to say." "To-morrow morning, at ten o'clock, at your camp," answered Snap promptly. "That was the bargain." "But see here " "We won't waste words, Ham. It's ten o'clock to-morrow and nothing else." "We want our boat and our canoe, and we want them now," cried Ike Akley. "It is not for you to dictate, Ike Akley," said Shep.

But it's reached its peak and has started to fall, and it won't come up again, at least, till fall. When the Yuga rises it comes up in a flood, and it falls the same way. It's gone down quite a little since this morning; by the day after to-morrow no one could hope to get through Devil's Gate the first cataract in the gorge." "Not even with a canoe? Of course a raft would be broken to pieces."

Meanwhile the anxious and harassed officers had regained their place of concealment under the bridge, where they listened with suppressed breathing for the slightest sound to indicate the approach of the canoe.

On the 11th she came up with another high island, with a second, much lower, about two leagues to the southward. About this time another double canoe appeared, which outsailed the Unity. She was steered with two oars, one in each canoe.

Robert, who was farthest forward in the canoe, noticed that the cliff ahead, hollowed out at the base by the perpetual eating of the waters, seemed to project over the stream, and he concluded that it was the place in Tayoga's mind. "Our shelter, isn't it?" he asked, pointing a finger by the lightning's flare.

She was not only forbidden, by ancient law, and under penalty of death, to eat with her husband or enter a canoe, but was debarred, under the same penalty, from eating bananas, pine-apples, oranges and other choice fruits at any time or in any place. She had to confine herself pretty strictly to "poi" and hard work.

Sometime after my return from Montreal in the autumn of 1830, I went to pay a visit to one of my customers whose lands were at a considerable distance. I was accompanied by one man in a small canoe; and as it was necessary that one of us should carry the canoe over the portages, and the other the property, I chose the former, being the lightest though by far the most inconvenient load.

I tried the effect of one shot; but though I am sure I hit the canoe between wind and water, the Indians in her did not cease paddling; and I was afraid of throwing another shot away by making a second attempt.

But when I began to think of putting it in practice, the remembrance of the late danger, struck me with such horror, that I changed my resolution, and formed another, which was more safe, though more laborious; and this was to make another canoe, and to have one for one side of the island, and one for the other.