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It meant travelling the rest of that frigid night in order to gain no more than a dozen miles or so. We said we'd wait till the wreck was cleared away, and in the meantime get a good sleep. Now it is no snap to strike a strange town, broke, at midnight, in cold weather, and find a place to sleep. The Swede hadn't a penny. My total assets consisted of two dimes and a nickel.

The day before his death we received a letter canceling these instructions. The other arrangements as to the funeral remained unaltered." "Good Lord!" said Eustace; "what in the world was the old boy driving at? And what in the name of all that's holy is that?" Someone was in the gallery. Someone had pulled the cord attached to one of the blinds, and it had rolled up with a snap.

I hope it will let me down easy." "Two o'clock," said Rand, closing his watch with a snap. "An hour behind time." The boys had been waiting at the great oak since just after noon, but Pepper had not yet come. "Perhaps he got off the road and got lost in the woods," suggested Jack. "Maybe he got back sooner than he expected by some other road and went home," said Gerald. "Shall I run over and see?"

I saw him washing his window a while ago a tall man with a big white shirt." "Yes," abstractedly, "that was him. He's an elegant fine man, but I don't give a snap for none of 'em. I wish I could leave this town and never come back. You'll be in for dinner, won't you?" as Morgan pushed back from the repletion of that standard meal. "And for supper, too, I hope," he said, turning it off as a joke.

The coming true of the old dream produced at any rate a snap of the tense cord, and the ancient worthy my imagination has, in the tenderest of intentions, thus played with, disembarked in England only to indulge in the last of his startled stares, only to look about him in vague deprecation and give it all up.

"It is possible that Charles V may take a different view of the memorial setting forth the circumstances of your marriage, from that which the Holy Father appears to have taken. I counsel you to seek the Imperial Lieutenant at Piacenza without delay. Here you waste time." His lips closed with a snap. Then, at last, his eyes wandered to Bianca, who stood just beside and slightly behind me.

He would hear her sweet voice calling, her laughter, the sound of his name, and often he would start up to his feet the old Baree for a thrilling moment or two only to lie down in his nest again with a low, grief-filled whine. And always when he heard the snap of a twig or some other sound in the forest, it was thought of Nepeese that flashed first into his brain. Some day she would return.

And when you snap at the fist which is trying to strangle you, your voice, and your ardent protest, preventing you from being heard I rejoice, praying that your teeth may be sharpened. And when you are marching against Sodom and Gomorrah, to tear down the old, my soul is with you, and the certainty that you must triumph fills and warms my heart and intoxicates me like old wine.... And yet....

"And there's that Bell," she continued, though I could not detect any appearance of connection, "it's enough to give anyone the hump to see him now that he's taken to chapel-going, and his mother's prepared to meet Jesus and all that to me, and now she ain't a-going to die, and drinks half a bottle of champagne a day, and then Grigg, him as preaches, you know, asked Bell if I really was too gay, not but what when I was young I'd snap my fingers at any 'fly by night' in Holborn, and if I was togged out and had my teeth I'd do it now.

And there's no one not Adam himself can tell the lay of it for certain when the light is bad." His mouth closed upon the words like the snap of a strong spring. Knight waited for more, but none came. Whatever the thought behind the warning that he had just uttered it was evident that Rufus had no intention of giving it expression.