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"I don't know much about him, except that he was in our class at school, and I'm afraid I have had a little grudge against him." "What for?" cried Pepper. "I guess it was because he made me work so hard to keep up with him in the class," responded Rand laughingly. "It was all I could do, too." "Dick's a jolly good fellow, too," put in Pepper.

Take small round tomatoes when they are not too ripe; stick them with a needle in several places, to keep the skin from bursting, and let them lay a week in salt and water; then wash them and put them in a jar with some cloves, pepper and small onions; cover them with strong cold vinegar, and tie up the jar. Pepper Mangoes.

In our love of stimulants, and our numbness of taste, which craves the red pepper of a biting vocabulary, we of the present generation are apt to overlook this almost obsolete and unobtrusive quality; but we doubt if, since Chaucer, we have had an example of more purely objective narrative than in "The Courtship of Miles Standish."

Soak the gelatin in a half cupful of cold water, add the chicken stock, bring to a boil, add a half teaspoonful of salt, a dash of pepper, and the juice of half a lemon. Mix a part of this with the chicken. Whip the cream, stir it into the chicken mixture, and fill it into the tomatoes, making them smooth on top.

Where Don and Jem were sitting a portion of the great fence was broken, and they could see through it down to the shore. "What a shame it seems on such a glorious morning, Jem!" "Shame! Mas' Don? I should just like to shame 'em. Head hurt much?" "Not so very much, Jem. How is your shoulder?" "Rather pickly." "Rather what?" "Pickly, as if there was vinegar and pepper and salt being rubbed into it.

FORCEMEAT FOR HARE. Chop up the liver, with an anchovy, some fat bacon, a little suet, some sweet herbs, and an onion. Add salt, pepper, nutmeg, crumbs of bread, and an egg to bind all together. FORCEMEAT FOR SAVOURY PIES. The same as for fowls, only substituting fat or bacon, instead of suet.

The dictionaries have taken the atlases' place, the Greek grammars have deposed the Latins, and " "Hist!" interrupted Jack. "I smell Pepper! We must whistle to Ethel." And without waiting for permission he did so. "Ethel" was posted down the long passage by the school entrance, with instructions to turn the key back when he heard the signal.

The Englishman in Jamaica perceives with regret the disappearance of his appetite, previously a source of frequently recurring enjoyment; and he succeeds, by the use of cayenne pepper, and the most powerful stimulants, in enabling himself to take as much food as he was accustomed to eat at home.

Dear, oh dear, what a fool I had been to softly swallow the flattery of Mr Grey without a single snub in return! To make up for my laxity, if he continued to amuse himself by plastering my vanity with the ointment of flattery, I determined to serve up my replies to him red-hot and well seasoned with pepper.

When the pickle is cold, take the fat from it, and put them in again. Keep them in a stone jar, tied down with a bladder to keep out the air. Instead of larding, put into some a stuffing made of yolks of eggs boiled hard, and marrow in equal quantities, with sweet herbs, pepper, salt, and mace.