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As soon as the herald appeared, all the boys would give the whistle and follow in crowds after the poor old man. Of course he tried to avoid them, but they were generally too quick for him. There were two kinds of scouts, for hunting and for war. In one sense every Indian was a scout; but there were some especially appointed to serve for a certain length of time.

A month later a leisurely and dusty tramp, plump equatorially and slightly bald, with his hands in his pockets and his lips puckered to a contemplative whistle, strolled along the river bank between Uppingdon and Potwell.

He worked slowly, mechanically, turning the foil between his fingers with the manual dexterity that one sometimes sees in stupid persons. His head was quite empty of all thought, and he did not whistle over his work as another man might have done.

"I don't read the papers" and Innocent smiled a little as in the widening light she began to see the stolid, stupid, but good- natured face of the man "I don't understand them. I've read about the sea in books, books of poetry." He uttered a sound between a whistle and a grunt. An' ye're goin' to seek service in Lunnon?

That's what I thought," concluded Bunny. But as his metaphors were always extremely mixed and confusing, no one listened to him. "You have a whistle?" said the Doctor. "Give it to me. This is a very dangerous thing that you have done, children. Now, let me see how far I can make the sound go. Oh, that thing! I can make a better whistle than that with my hand."

I believe that any English poet of to-day would be thankful for the concision that a Chinese poetaster attains without effort. Here is an example: Wu-river stream mouth evening sun sink, North look Liao-Tung, not see home. Steam whistle several noise, sky-earth boundless, Float float one reed out Middle-Kingdom.

It's twelve o'clock!" she announced amazedly, throwing down her pen, and stretching in her chair. And, in instant confirmation of the fact, a whistle sounded shrilly outside, followed by a dozen more whistles, high and low, constant and intermittent, sharp on the silent noon air.

"Do you know what I'd do if I was in your place?" he said. Rufus made a sound that was strictly noncommittal. Adam's quick eyes flung him a birdlike glance. "Why don't you come along to The Ship and smoke a pipe with your old father of an evening?" he said. "Once a week's not enough, not, that is, if you " He broke off suddenly, caught by a whistle that could not be resisted.

At all seasons, however, they are by no means easy to traverse; and the cold winds that whistle through them are scarce to be endured. The Spaniards, who have a proverbial expression for almost every idea, have not neglected this one. If the passes across these mountains are higher than those of the Alps, the transverse valleys are the reverse; those of the Pyrenees being in general much lower.

An' sure enough it was a boy; an' your father he allus used to call him 'Bos'u'n, and he'd stick this ere whistle into his mouth an' try to make him blow it afore he was a month old. But by the time he was nine months old he'd blow it ez loud ez I could.