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'Wait till the Ditch is done, he used to say. 'Wait till she begins to boom, and then you just stand round. Mor'n that, he got all the boys to put in their last cent for they loved Ned, and love him now, like ez ef he wos a woman." "That's so," said Clinch and Rawlins simultaneously, "and he's worth it." "Well," continued Zenobia, "the Ditch didn't boom ez soon ez they kalkilated.

They told him briefly what had occurred, and Tom shook his head sagely. "Better stay on the boat ez long ez we kin keep it," he said. "Ez fur me, I'd rather be shot at by Injuns in the woods uv Kentucky than be hevin' white men drawin' beads on me here in a town. It looks more nateral. Uv course it wuz Braxton Wyatt or some other tool uv that wicked Spaniard, Alvarez."

I'd a heap ruther hunt the buff'ler than that fifteen foot tiger o' yours, Henry." "So had I, Sol. If those beasts were living nowadays we wouldn't be roaming through the forest as we are now. We have only the Indians to fear." "An' thar's a lot about them to be afeard of at times, ez you an' me know, Henry."

She had young fellers a-sparkin' her afore she ever played with 'em ez boy and girl. I don't mind tellin' you that it wern't in the natur of Blair Rawlins' darter to teach her own darter any better, for all she's been a mighty help to me. So if it's all the same to you, Mr. Ford, we won't talk about a grownd up school; I'd rather Cress be a little girl again among them other children.

I've heard ez how Aunt Sally Day's boy Ben, who was a-fishin' that evenin, says ez how he seed Isom's harnt a-floatin' across the river in it, without techin' a paddle." The Marcum laughed. "Idgits is thick over hyeh," he said. "Ben's a-gittin' wuss sence Isom was killed.

Succour Abou Hassan ez Ziyadi. I awoke a second time, but knew thee not, so went to sleep again; and he came to me a third time and still I knew thee not and went to sleep again. Then he came to me once more and said, 'Out on thee!

I'd liked ter seen yer ma, but I won't disturb her, an' you can du ez well. Yer ma promised me a mess o' tea, an' I guess I may ez well take it neow ez any day." "Why, Miss Mimy," said I, "there a'n't above four or five messes left, and we can't get any more till I sell my socks." "Wal, never mind, then, you can le' me take one, an' mebbe I kin make up the rest at Miss Smilers's."

The chap that left them five hundred cases of hair dye 'tween decks and then skipped out to Sacramento, met me the other day in the street and advised me to use a bottle ez an advertisement, or try it on the starn of the Pontiac for fireproof paint. That foolishness ez all he's good for. And yet thar might be suthin' in the paint, if a feller had nigger luck.

Three figures, all carrying smoking rifles, rose up to meet them. The figures were those of Henry Ware, Tom Ross, and Jim Hart. Henry reached out his hand and gave Paul's a strong and joyous grasp. "Well, Sol has brought you!" he said. "But Sol's not goin' to stop runnin' yet for a long time, tired ez he is," gasped the shiftless one.

They said to each other that he was a "peart boy an' powerful good ter the t'other chill'en, an' holped the fambly along ez well ez a man better'n thar dad ever done;" for Birt's father had been characterized always as "slack-twisted an' onlucky." The shadows dwindled on the tan. The winds had furled their wings. White clouds rose, dazzling, opaque, up to the blue zenith.