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Sagely told me, that Narcissa, upon her return from Bath, had been so strictly watched that nobody but one or two of the servants devoted to her brother, was admitted to her presence, that afterwards she had been a little enlarged, and was permitted to see company; during which indulgence, she had been several times at the cottage; but of late she had been betrayed by one of the servants, who discovered to the squire, that he had once carried a letter from her to the post-house directed to me; upon which information she was now more confined than ever, and that I could have no chance of seeing her, unless I would run the risk of getting into the garden, where she and her maid were every day allowed to take the air, and lie hid until I should have an opportunity of speaking to them an adventure attended with such danger, that no man in his right wits would attempt it.

"They're going back to their camp, but I've an idea they're going to come over soon," guessed Hazel, "and make a regular search for us." "Something of that sort," agreed Miss Elting. "Well," said Jane sagely, "from their speed and the comfortable way they're all sitting, I'm sure the boys are not doing any guessing about their plans." "No.

He returned to the State House with an order to Kate Underwood to deliver them to him upon demand. "Dad make a good bargain?" asked Miss Underwood, with a laugh. Gordon told her the price he had paid. "If I had telephoned to him what you wanted them for they would have cost you three times as much," she told him, nodding sagely. "Then I'm glad you didn't.

The chief received him deferentially, sympathetically, took down Kate Marcy's description, went so far as to remark, sagely, that too much mustn't be expected of these women, and said he would notify the rector if she were found. The chief knew and admired Mr. Bentley, and declared he was glad to meet Mr.

The spiritualist listened attentively, looked upon the picture, heard other explanations, examined other pictures, and sagely gave it as his opinion that the inhabitants of the unknown sphere had taken this mode of re-appearing to the view of mortal eyes, that this operator must be a "medium" of especial power.

"Out on the plains when there was only a hundred or so of us, an' nothin' on any side five hundred miles away 'xcept hostile Indians, an' a blizzard whistlin' an' roarin', with the mercury thirty degrees below zero, it was glorious to have a big fire lighted in a hollow or a dip an' bend over the coals, until the warmth went right through you." "It was the power of contrast," said Warner sagely.

"And in such a terrible electric storm," added Bluff, sagely, "I don't know of a better place to take refuge than under a shelf of rock. There's no danger of being struck by the lightning, and only a slim chance of an avalanche tumbling down on top of you." "All boys ought to make a note of a thing like that," urged Will, wisely nodding his head as might a school-master.

"No question about that," declared Seth, who was right on the heels of the others, for you could never keep him quiet when there was anything going on, because he always wanted to be "in the swim." "Yes, either a house, or a barn ablaze," remarked Eben, sagely. "Might be only a hay stack, you know," suggested Jotham.

The People of the Field have never taken holiday. Nobody ever heard of such a thing." "We should think not indeed!" said all the others, sagely. "Ah, ah!" said Jurgen, "so that is your demolishing reason. Well, I shall inquire about this matter among the People of the Wood, for they may be more sensible."

They're keeping quiet, and of course one can't tell, but . . ." Bishop nodded his head sagely, while Corliss turned the trump he had cut. A sure vision of a "twenty-four" hand was dazzling him, when there was a sound of voices without and the door shook to a heavy knock. "Come in!" he bawled. "An' don't make such a row about it!