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Winged, fortified, by that central philosophic faith, the student proceeds to the detailed reading of nature, led on from point to point by manifold lights, which will surely strike on him by the way, from the divine intelligence in it, speaking directly, sympathetically, to a like intelligence in him.

Having read it, she turned pale, and looked as she had used to in her childhood, when in disgrace and resolute not to cry. "I had rather have had my two hands cut off," she said passionately, after a pause. "It is very sad for you," said Conolly, sympathetically. "He is an educated man; but I cannot think that he has much in him." "He is a selfish, lying, conceited hound. Educated, indeed!

"You've been in Chetwood Forest, Elma," she murmured low, looking down and averting her eyes carefully from her trembling daughter. "Yes, mother," Elma answered, all aglow with conscious blushes. "In Chetwood Forest." "And you met him, dear?" The mother spoke tenderly and sympathetically. Elma's heart stood still. "Yes, mother, I met him." "And he had the snake there?" Elma started in surprise.

Well, I was just too happy to be lucky, saving up me pay and Mrs. Fairon buying a few bits of house linen for us, and Polly making her trousseau, when the regiment was shifted all of a sudden from Madras to Mandalay and our plans were knocked on the head." "Yes, that was bad luck," said Shafto sympathetically.

I'm nearly nineteen, and I wanted to go as a stenographer, but they wouldn't consider me for a minute. Said I was too young." Sahwah threw out her hands in a tragic gesture and her brow darkened. "It's a shame," Hinpoha agreed sympathetically.

Better have a snooter." "No, I guess not." "Well, I will," averred Mr. Dale and downed three swallows rapidly. "Yeah," he continued, driving in the cork with the heel of his hand, "a feller needs a drink now and then." "Helps him stand off trouble, don't it?" Racey hazarded, sympathetically, perceiving an opening. "Shore does," answered Mr. Dale. "I should say so.

The boys were "angels," their sister said, helpful, awed and obedient, but the children's father began to stoop a little and to show gray in the thick black hair at his temples. Soberly, sympathetically, Justine steered her own craft through all the storm and confusion of the domestic crisis. Trays appeared and disappeared without apparent effort.

He despaired of being able to discover the spirit of Kawelu. But she had seen him; she hurried to him; she clasped him in a fond embrace; for she had forgiven his wrong conduct, and now she was asking him, sympathetically, how he had died.

He listened to the General's story sympathetically, but he gave his judgment with a twinkle of the eye. 'The same old Quixote, eh, George? De Blacquaire's right, of course absolutely right. And as for you, my boy, you haven't got a leg to stand on.

So long as such a creature lives and his life will be difficult and short events will continually disconcert and puzzle him; everything will seem to him unaccountable, inexplicable, unnatural. He will not be able to conceive the real order and connection of things sympathetically, by assimilating his habits of thought to their habits of evolution.

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