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Lawyers were hopefully consulted, but ascertained in the first stages of investigation, that wherever a charge of fraud was brought, the "Clarion" office actually had the goods, by purchase. All this was costly to the "Clarion." But it added nearly four thousand solid circulation, of the buying class, a class of the highest value to any advertiser.

You will be angry with her; but she thinks Douglas so irresistible that she is genuinely anxious about you: I believe she really meant well this time. As to our reverend brother, his portmanteau burst in the train coming from Edinburgh; so he came to borrow mine, having apparently resolved to wear out those of all his friends before buying a new one. Unfortunately, he met Mrs.

Rosedale, in particular, was said to have doubled his fortune, and there was talk of his buying the newly-finished house of one of the victims of the crash, who, in the space of twelve short months, had made the same number of millions, built a house in Fifth Avenue, filled a picture-gallery with old masters, entertained all New York in it, and been smuggled out of the country between a trained nurse and a doctor, while his creditors mounted guard over the old masters, and his guests explained to each other that they had dined with him only because they wanted to see the pictures.

If you increase the amount of money faster than that of goods, more money has to be given for less goods; the value, or buying power, of money is depreciated and prices go up. The present war has given an excellent example of this process at work.

"Laying in quite a stock, ain't ye?" said the tavern keeper. "Oh, we are getting this for the whole crowd," replied Pender carelessly. "But, say," he added suddenly. "What is it?" "We don't want you to say anything about our buying this stuff." "All right, I'll be mum," answered the tavern keeper.

To ask the landlord for his blessing seemed out of the question, in view of the fact that the printer was two weeks behind in his board. The girl had the proverbial clothes on her back. Matthew McClosky, the uncle, was a good deal of a man. He showed his shrewdness and appreciation of the present order by buying a large tract of land near the city, and grew rich on the unearned increment.

Take care to sell something to every man, woman, and child, that comes in your way. That's the way to do business. Follow it up, and you'll be a rich man some day." "But suppose they don't want anything?" said Paul. "Make 'em want something," returned Smith, "Don't let 'em off without buying. That's my motto. However, you'll learn."

Then he went slowly and ponderously up-stairs to bed. From the moment, the day before Christmas, when Graham had taken the little watch from his pocket and fastened it on Anna's wrist, he was rather uneasily aware that she had become his creature. He had had no intention of buying Anna. He was certainly not in love with her. But he found her amusing and at times comforting.

"That makes all the difference, Mallett; and it is absurd, a young fellow of your age crying out against society." "I don't cry out against it," Mallett laughed. "I simply say that it is out of my line, and I have never been broken into it. I was talking of buying a yacht, or rather of building one." "What size do you want? I know of one to be had cheap, if you are thinking of a good big craft."

He has frequently told me he did not care for rings, and would never wear them. In cross-examination: CROWN PROSECUTOR: You have never seen the prisoner wearing a diamond ring? WITNESS: No, never. CROWN PROSECUTOR: Have you ever seen any such ring in his possession? WITNESS: No, I have seen him buying rings for ladies, but I never saw him with any ring such as a gentleman would wear.