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If the poor could witness the white livers, the dropsies, or the shattered nervous systems which I have seen, the consequences of drinking, they would be aware that spirits and poisons are synonymous terms." Again he says: "We have all been in error in recommending wine as a tonic. Ardent spirits and poisons are convertible terms." Dr. Benj.

It would have been the basest ingratitude to depart without seeing the result of the interference, and the two lingered, though it would have been wiser to let the two Christians bite and tear each other without witnesses of another creed, and with the witness of none. It was a free spectacle, but, if it had cost their week's salary at the casino, it would have been worth the money.

The near approach of the holidays was sufficient in itself to put every one in high spirits, while, in addition to this, the afternoon was to witness the chief cricket contest of the season the annual match against Wraxby Grammar School.

"Only that I am beginning to see light in this extraordinary affair," returned the other calmly, "and, if my theory is correct, each month when the moon is at the full should witness an increase in the activity of the phenomena." "I don't see the connection," Colonel Wragge answered almost savagely, "but I am bound to say my diary bears you out."

It has not yet been proved that the past is not past and forgotten, or that there is an eye above this earth to take account of what passes on it. Humph! Humph! But whence, then, this fearful whisper to my soul? Is there really an avenging judge above the stars? No, no! Yes, yes! A fearful monitor within bears witness that there is One above the stars who judgeth!

A profound sensation ran through the room as James Dicksey sat down a thrill of unutterable apprehension and fear. The examination of these three witnesses had occupied the whole of the afternoon. The court adjourned until next morning at ten o'clock. The excitement was intense you might have heard a pin drop in the silence, when the examination of witnesses was resumed. WITNESS. "I do."

It is that wretch Lucien, to whom Bonaparte listens too much, and of whom, however, he always speaks ill to me." "I do not know, Madame, what Lucien says to his brother except when he chooses to tell me, because Lucien always avoids having a witness of his interviews with your husband, but I can assure you that for two years I have not heard the word 'divorce' from the General's mouth."

They do not like to make no use of it for fear they may be thought not to know of the act, and a lawyer who is not in touch with the very latest laws is soon regarded as not being up to date and he may drop as much as £50,000 a year in fees. And therefore though it always hangs their clients they hardly like to neglect it. Mr. Watkyn-Jones was put in the witness box.

Witness the many occasions when her brother offended worse, and had been unworried, only growled at, and distantly, not in a way to rouse concern; and at the neat review, or procession into the City, or public display of any sort, Ormont had but to show himself, he was the popular favourite immediately. He had not committed the folly of writing a letter to a newspaper then.

Heath asked no further questions, the witness received his dismissal, and Mr. Loram informed the Court that that was his case. The judge bowed somnolently, and then Mr. Heath rose to address the Court on behalf of the respondent.