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In vain did Mr. Jones protest, in scornful words, against the brutal indignity in vain did he appeal to the spirit of British justice, to ancient precedent and modern practice in vain did he inveigh against a proceeding which forbad the intercourse necessary between him and his clients and in vain did he point out that the prisoners in the dock were guiltless and innocent men according to the theory of the law.

Thank you. . . . What? . . . Well, speaking with that caution and reserve which we are obliged to employ in making any preliminary statements to our clients, I think I may safely say that you have every reason to feel moderately encouraged." "You mean," said Carden's voice, "that you have actually solved the proposition?" "It has been a difficult proposition, Mr.

A new and genteel body of clients now undertook what had formerly been done only by dependents and freedmen to come and wait on their patron early in the morning, and to appear publicly in his train. But the mob also is a great lord, and desires as such to receive attention. The world of quality readily entered into this degrading canvass.

We are too much dazzled by the occasional apparition of the lawyer who has got rich by steering guilty clients past the legal reefs, of the surgeon who plays equally on the fears and the purses of his patients, of the sensational clergyman who has made full coinage of his charlatanism. All these types exist, and all are highly exceptional.

Madame called last Monday, and asked Matilda, who opened the door, when you would be back. Thereupon I interviewed her. I must say she is loyal to her clients; for I had great difficulty in extracting her bill, which was, of course, what she called about. She evidently recognizes the necessity of keeping husbands in the dark in such matters.

In about seven days his correspondent will obtain the cash through a banker at Athens, or in about twelve or fourteen days at Alexandria. Perhaps, however, one of his clients has asked for his help in a case at law, which is being tried either over the way in the Basilica of Julius, or round the corner to the right in the Forum of Augustus.

Guppy there, with a necktie much too smart for the rest of his clothes, and a bundle of documents tied with red tape. Jobling and young Smallweed sometimes stopt to talk with him. The doors of the crowded court-rooms opened now and then, and gentlemen in gowns and horsehair wigs came out to speak with clients who waited under the arches....

Vane's, as has been before hinted, were not all clients. Without burdening the reader too early with a treatise on the fabric of a system, suffice it to say that something was continually going on that was not law; and gentlemen came and went fat and thin, sharp-eyed and red-faced who were neither clients nor lawyers.

"Well, one of our clients is one of the great publishing firms, and Tweedle often dines with the publisher." "For shame, Phil!" Philip laughed. "At any rate, that is no meaner than a suggestion of Brad's.

"Yes, I do fear him; and what is more, I fear him very much. He is a determined man, and will gain his object at any cost or risk. Do you know that he did his best to crush me because I summoned him to court on behalf of one of my clients? So that now, when any one comes to me and wishes to proceed against the Duke, I am glad to decline to take up the matter."

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