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And before a year has passed these good, intelligent, healthy-minded lads will be as brutal beings as their instructors. "Come, now, suppose your father were arrested and tried to make his escape?" I asked a young soldier.

He had none of the false sentimentality about the noble and injured red man, which in later days has been at times highly mischievous, nor on the other hand did he take the purely brutal view of the fighting scout or backwoodsman. He knew the Indian as he was, and understood him as a dangerous, treacherous, fighting savage.

"To say a mass for our departed friend," replied Ivanoff, with brutal jocularity. "You had better come with us. What's the good of being always alone?" Feeling sad and dispirited, Yourii did not find Sanine and Ivanoff as distasteful to him as usual. "Very well, I will," he replied, but suddenly recollecting his superiority, he thought to himself, "what have I really in common with such fellows?

Heretofore I had avoided physical encounters, not because I was afraid of the result, but because I hate brutal, unscientific manifestations of strength.

Who the damn are " He suddenly paused in his speech, and stood staring in astonishment. I reciprocated that astonishment, for I had now recognised in the brutal overseer my antagonist of the boat! the hero of the bowie-knife! At the same instant he recognised me. The pause which was the result of our mutual surprise, lasted but a moment.

He spoke under his breath, and as he spoke he drew her to him suddenly, violently, with a strength that was brutal. For a moment his eyes compelled hers, terrible eyes alight with a passion that scorched her with its fiery intensity. And then abruptly his arms tightened. She was at his mercy, and he did not spare her.

The crew, from Lemaitre downward, were a low, brutal, quarrelsome gang, always wrangling together, and frequently fighting; while, as I have already mentioned, the one predominating idea of Francois, the chief mate, was that they could only be kept in order by constantly and impartially rope's-ending them all round.

It's absurd; it's even brutal; and I'm ashamed of it. But I stick to it." I found out why Monny paid no attention to my buried letter. I am not a man whose soul turns to diaries for consolation; but I did keep up a bowing acquaintance with a notebook in Egypt it helped me with my lectures and in the desert it relieved my feelings.

Have we any reason to hope that this policy is not contrary to the hard laws which Nature imposes on every species in the world? In the first place, would such a State escape being devoured by some brutal 'expanding' neighbour? What would have happened to France if she had stood alone in this war?

There were other witnesses, who swore that about this time Charles Stevens left the town and was gone away for some time. Charles remembered that on that occasion he had taken a journey to Rhode Island. Then came two strangers, evidently sea-faring men, of the lowest order. They were brutal, unscrupulous and had lived the lives of buccaneers, as was afterward proved.

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