During the war, this institution was known as the Bellevue Street Hospital, and there many brave soldiers perished, and many recovered from ghastly wounds under the kindly care and attention of its efficient managers. After the first shock of her grief was passed, Eliza Heartwell Marshall had been called to the position of matron in this institution of mercy.

The fury of party leaves little room for generous emotion, and no pity was felt for these men by the English Protestants. The Protestants knew well that if these same sufferers could have had their way, they would themselves have been sacrificed by hecatombs; and as they had never experienced mercy, so they were in turn without mercy.

These hardy creatures had come through the terrible journey unharmed, and on them rested all their hopes for the remainder of their flight. But another two thousand miles lay before them, with hostility in front and in rear. Should they still go on, or should they return and throw themselves on the mercy of the empress?

It would not have surprised her to discover that this officious friend knew of all her recent meetings with Redgrave at the Crystal Palace and elsewhere; and, but for her innocence, she would have felt herself at the woman's mercy.

I can see in the dark space where the boats had moved out and broken through the ice to drag the depth; it was frozen over again now. The porter goes on: "We found her at last. And a mercy it was, I dare say. The river was low as it was. Gone right down at once, she had, and got stuck fast between two stones.

Now go to the prisoners, tell Croesus to come hither, and the others to be of good courage, if they are innocent." "My King is the light of the world, and an ocean of mercy." "Bartja and his friends need not remain any longer in confinement; they can walk in the court of the palace, and you will keep guard over them.

"We shall be coming every summer, though I hope not to stay through another winter!" "Changes come when they are least expected!" "We cannot know," said Alister, "that we shall never meet again!" "There the probability will be enough." "But how can we come to a better I mean a FAIRER opinion of each other, when we meet so seldom?" asked Mercy innocently.

Better her death, better mine, better the destruction of us all, than such dishonor to the purest thing heaven ever made. I refuse, Felix I refuse. And may God have mercy on us all!" The moment was ghastly.

"Oh, my child!" she said. "Oh, my child, may God in His mercy forgive my child!" Linda cowered in a corner of the sofa and did not speak. "She hasn't done anything in the least wrong," said Fanny; "nothing on earth. You were going to make her marry a man she hated, and so she came away. If father had done the same to me, I wouldn't have stayed an hour."

'You are desperate, said the gentleman, taking out his snuff-box, 'and I am sorry for you. 'I AM desperate, returned the woman, 'and you have made me so. Give me back my son, to work for these helpless children. Be a just man, Sir, and, as you have had mercy upon this boy, give me back my son! The child had seen and heard enough to know that this was not a place at which to ask for alms.