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"See that no one, not even Croesus, has admission to her before my. . . . before I give further orders." "Croesus was with her this evening." "What may have been his business with my wife?" "I do not know, for I do not understand the Greek language, but I heard the name of Bartja several times, and it seemed to me that the Egyptian had received sorrowful intelligence.

He fancied they would see from his looks that he was already on the way to a great crime, and hid himself behind the projecting gate of a large Egyptian house. As they passed, he heard Croesus say: "I reproached him bitterly, little as he deserves reproach in general, for having given such an inopportune proof of his great strength.

Tell us, Croesus, by the friendship which has subsisted between us up to this clay, what has induced you to judge Bartja so harshly, when only a short time ago you believed in his innocence?" The old man told at once what Darius desired to know that he had seen a letter, written in Nitetis' own hand, in which she made a direct confession of her love to Bartja and asked him to meet her alone.

All this luxury, called princely by persons who do not know what real princes are, was built in the garden of the house of a purveyor made a Croesus by the Revolution, who had escaped to Brussels and died there after going into bankruptcy. The Englishman died in Paris, of Paris; for to many persons Paris is a disease, sometimes several diseases.

If further proof were wanted, he goes about in charge of a highly respectable British Croesus, one of the full-crusted elderly models of virtue they raise in Lancashire. The class is not obsolete. We have seen one."

I speak on the best authority my laundress; for she attends the succursale in the Rue de Chateaudun; and if the poor woman, being, luckily for me, a childless widow, gets a morsel she can spare, she sells it to me." "Sells it!" feebly exclaimed Lemercier. "Croesus! you have money then, and can buy?" "Sells it on credit! I am to pension her for life if I live to have money again.

Kurz Pacha hummed too, looked on at the dancers a few minutes then turned to me, and looking at my bouquet, said: "It is astonishing how little taste there is for spring-flowers." At that moment young Croesus "came in" warm with the whirl of the dance, with Daisy Clover. "It's very warm," said he, in a gentlemanly manner. "Dear me! yes, very warm," said Daisy. "Been long in Newport?"

The Lydian monarch, on his side, did not scruple to challenge a contest. The long strife which his father had waged with the great Cyaxares had terminated in a close alliance, cemented by a marriage, which made Croesus and Astyages brothers.

Since the departure of Phanes, Cambyses' behavior had become so intolerable, that Bartja, with the permission of his brother, had taken Sappho to live in the royal palace at Memphis, in order to escape any painful collision. Rhodopis, at whose house Croesus and his son, Bartja, Darius and Zopyrus were constant guests, had agreed to join the party.

If they answer no, it is a sign that they do not love us, and whoever does not love us, must be our enemy." "That won't do," cried Zopyrus. "We must have war at any price." "I vote for Croesus," said Gobryas. "And I too," said the noble Artabazus. "We are for Hystaspes," shouted the warrior Araspes, the old Intaphernes, and some more of Cyrus's old companions-in-arms.