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I got stuck in a bog on the bank of the Ramsau. It was awful. But the doctor pulled me out and then we did all laugh so when we saw what my shoes and stockings were like. Luckily I was able to catch hold of a tree stump or I should have sunk right in. April 18th. Hella says it was splendid at the Brioni Islands. She is frightfully sunburned. I don't like that, so I shall never go to the south.

Luckily he had his American blood and practical education to restrain him, or he might have been as foolish as Brissot and as rabid as Marat. As it was, he could not help perceiving in his calmer moments that this new path to the glorious future which the philosophes were pointing out to their countrymen, had been for many years in America the well-worn high road of the nation.

But as the pause spun itself out, her glance, seeking his face, moved quickly enough to catch the look of consternation that it wore. She read it misread it luckily and her own lighted amazingly with a beam of pure amusement. "I suppose it is rather overwhelming," she said; "a conjunction like that. I mean, that it should have been she who brought me here.

Honoratus luckily for him escaped the investigation of the Senate by dying; Martianus was brought before them when Priscus was not present.

He had seen the open door and deliberately slammed it in her face. Luckily for them both she had heard, all unsuspected by him as he slowly hung the receiver on the hook, the soliloquy wherein he gave her a pointed hint of the distress with which he abdicated which knowledge was all that deterred her from despising him with the fervour of a woman scorned.

Four others were equally unfortunate, and it was now clear that the whole party were bewitched. "Luckily, the king had quitted the castle, but they felt certain they should be dismissed on his return, if not more severely punished. At last, after taking counsel together, they resolved to consult Urswick, who they doubted not could remove the spell.

Just at this moment, however, luckily for our hero, the dog's master came up. "Why, Caesar," he called, "what is the matter with you?" "Please take your dog away," said Harry. "I am afraid he will bite me." "Who are you?" inquired the boy, in surprise. "Come and untie these cords, and I will tell you." "What! Are you tied?" "Yes, hand and foot."

While he was trying his luck in milking, and managing the matter very clumsily, the uneasy beast began to think him very troublesome; and at last gave him such a kick on the head as knocked him down; and there he lay a long while senseless. Luckily a butcher soon came by, driving a pig in a wheelbarrow. 'What is the matter with you, my man? said the butcher, as he helped him up.

Luckily his latest banishment to an extreme Western outpost had placed him in California during the flood of a speculation epoch. He purchased a valuable Spanish grant to three leagues of land for little over a three months' pay.

Luckily for the reputation of Neoplatonism, the scheme was swamped by the courtiers of Gallienus, and the earth was saved the sad and ludicrous sight of a realised Laputa; probably a very quarrelsome one. That was his highest practical conception: the foundation of a new society: not the regeneration of society as it existed.

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