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Vesey from Blackwater Park, it was given to me without the envelope, which had been thrown into the wastepaper basket, and long since destroyed. In the letter itself no date was mentioned not even the day of the week. It only contained these lines: "Dearest Mrs. Vesey, I am in sad distress and anxiety, and I may come to your house to-morrow night, and ask for a bed.

"But I'm not mistaken. The man I mean has lost the tip of his ear, the left one. Somebody bit it off, I believe. Now, have you noticed your chap's ear?" He looked at her acutely, and she colored in hot distress. "I see you have," he said. "I'd ask this Fish person for an explanation, if I were you; particularly as Woolley is supposed to be dead. The police want him pretty badly, you know.

R d thought that he had informed his father of the cause of his distress, adding that the payment of a considerable sum of money was the more unpleasant to him, because he had a strong consciousness that it was not due, though he was unable to recover any evidence in support of his belief.

The causes are varied, but the one given is the most common: it is taken to bridge over some emergency or to give relief from physical pain or mental distress. The infatuated victim says, "I will take it just this once," and then he goes on taking it until it destroys him.

You will not mind his other notes, but when he camps near enough for you to hear that one, you presently find that his measured and monotonous repetition of it is beginning to disturb you; next it will weary you, soon it will distress you, and before long each thump will hurt your head; if this goes on, you will lose your mind with the pain and misery of it, and go crazy.

"You rate what I did too highly," replied Edward; "I would have done the same for any one in such distress: it was my duty as a man," Cavalier he was about to say, but he checked himself. "Sit down," said Patience, taking a chair; "nay, no ceremony; I can not treat as an inferior one to whom I owe such a debt of gratitude." Edward smiled as he took his seat.

Besides, experience taught him that an offence would be more easily pardoned the more his master himself disliked the person against whom it was committed. By Georg Ebers The ropedancer, Kuni, really had been with the sick mother and her babes, and had toiled for them with the utmost diligence. The unfortunate woman was in great distress.

Little attention, however, was given to these remarks, all imagining that the dog's melancholy was only the result of temporary distress, owing to his secluded life, so different from that which he had led when surrounded by the various members of a large family.

And there isn't a single police agent there, I'm sure. Ah! to be loved, to be loved!" Plainly enough his distress of spirit was coming back, and so, turning towards the gallery again, he tried to play the jester. "Attention, my dear Abbe, we mustn't miss their Majesties' entry. That will be the finest part of the fete!"

"No, my lord; he said he should take another opportunity. He was a strange-looking gentleman, and his clothes were threadbare." "Ah, some troublesome petitioner. Perhaps a Pole in distress! Remember I am never at home when he calls. Shut the door. To Lady Doltimore's." Lumley's heart beat as he threw himself back, he again felt the grip of the madman at his throat.