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And one thing I am very sure of, they are happy girls to have a sister so patient, and loving, and just. Not all real mothers have as much to their credit!" Carol and Lark, in keeping with their twin-ship, were the dearest of chums and comrades. They resembled each other closely in build, being of the same height and size. They were slender, yet gave a suggestion of sturdiness.

"My good friend!" replied he, "for I must call you such now, for I know not when I have experienced such unalloyed satisfaction, as you have conferred on me this night, by conversing so freely of those I love; I certainly never can forget that I am the last male of an ancient race, and that those who are nearest and dearest to me, are divided from me by a wide waste of waters.

Could he not give up these toys when he was called to a much higher station in the world? Could he not go talk with Rosey; drive with Rosey, kind little soul, whose whole desire was to make him happy? Such thoughts as these, no doubt, darkened the Colonel's mind, and deepened the furrows round his old eyes. So it is, we judge men by our own standards; judge our nearest and dearest often wrong.

"I think they are warm-hearted children; I'm sure they love their father; and it does seem to me utterly impossible that they should fail to love the dearest, loveliest, sweetest little lady in the world merely because she has become that father's wife."

My dearest, the letter ran, I'm looking forward to meeting you again tomorrow night at the same place. I know you said you wouldn't meet me, but I'm hoping you'll change your mind. I'll be waiting for you anyway, and I'll wait till seven o'clock for you. Remember that, Eleanor! If you don't turn up, it'll be hard for you to sit in comfort and you thinking of me waiting for you.

She wished her son to be a man at all points, and yet she dreamed that he might remain a sort of glorified young girl; she desired him to be well prepared to face the world when he grew up, and yet it was her dearest wish that he might never know anything of the world's wickedness.

"You don't mean to say you'll call them by those names?" "Yes, yes. I always have my own way with people, as you know." "Indeed I do. Oh, come along, you queer creature. Here's the darling mums. Mater dearest, here is Maggie Howland." "Delighted to see you, my dear," said Mrs. Tristram. "I hope you are not tired after your journey from town." "Not in the least, thank you, Mrs.

He read it twice before he comprehended its import. Papa left us at ten this morning, dearest. Mother. The friend saw the change in his face. "Not bad news?" George lifted utterly dumfounded eyes from the yellow paper. "My father," he said weakly. "She says she says he's dead. I've got to go home."

Now I was once as slender, and almost not quite, Rosy, for few there are that be but almost as handsome as you yourself." "Yes, aunty, I've heard that before," said Rose, springing up, in order to change the discourse; "but Harry Mulford will never become like Stephen Spike. I wish we had never known the man, dearest aunty." "It was all your own doings, child.

Let us not, through security in hereafter, neglect the present. This present moment, short as it is, is a part of eternity, and the dearest part, since it is our own unalienably. Thou, the hope of my futurity, art my present joy. Let me then look on thy dear eyes, and, reading love in them, drink intoxicating pleasure." Timidly, for my vehemence somewhat terrified her, Idris looked on me.