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Discussing the events of the past few hours, speculating upon the possible location of their chums, making plans for the future, the boys sat late about the table. Rowdy fell asleep over his bone. At last Tom jumped up, declaring he would wash the dishes if the others would sweep and put the cabin to rights.

They looked so much alive that Marmaduke thought any minute they would start running away away over the comforter, out of the window, and up the snow-covered hill. The Toyman came over to the bed. Marmaduke curled his little fingers around his friend's hand. The hand was brown and hard, but it was a nice hand, Marmaduke thought. "We're good ole chums, aren't we?" he said to the Toyman.

The four had many excursions and picnics into the country together; but Kenneth and Patsy were recognized as especial chums, and the other girls did not interfere in their friendship except to tease them, occasionally, in a good natured way. The boy's old acquaintances could hardly recognize him as the same person they had known before Patricia's adventure on the plank.

"Neither did I," admitted Dick. "I've seen one something like that," spoke Innis. "Where?" his chums wanted to know, as Dick slowed down his boat, the better to watch the biplane, which was now circling over the river. "Why, a cousin of mine, Whitfield Vardon by name, has the airship craze pretty bad," resumed Innis.

He was a school trustee and also held an interest in the summer hotel and in one of the big saw mills on the river. Sheppard Reed was the only son of a local physician, who, during the past twenty years, had built up a substantial practice in and around Fairview. Shep and Snap, as they were always called, were close chums, and once in a while their own folks would refer to them as the Twins.

Perhaps he has only gone off with some friends, and will come back again, just as he did the other time." "The other time," as Betty called it was rather a delicate subject with the Ford family, for Will with some chums had gotten into a little difficulty not long before this story opens, and the present complication was an outcome of that. I shall describe them in order presently.

"She and one other girl, Marcia Bates, were great chums, and they got angry. They said they wouldn't stay to be abused isn't that right, Miss Brown? and they decided to go for a walk in the woods back of the lake here." "They've often done it before," said Miss Brown. "I thought it was all right and they would have gone, anyhow, even if I'd told them not to do it."

"You wanted to leave us to starve here, or compel us to go back to town so you could hunt for that lost mine alone. I see through the trick. We ought to shoot you down like dogs!" "It's jest wot they deserve, consarn 'em," muttered Abe Blower. "We don't want anybody shot!" said Dave, to his chums. He saw that the two old miners were angry enough to do almost anything.

Half a dozen of Frank's most intimate chums dropped in to hear the story, and Frank finally declared he would have to get it set up in type and copies struck off if the demand kept on. There were grown people who came also. Among others was Mr. Cuthbert.

If he succeeded the friends might be obliged to pack their kits and leave home again at almost any hour. The Kennebunk was fitting out in a port not fifty miles from Seacove. Meanwhile the chums were "having the time of their young sweet lives," Al Torrance observed more than once.