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Brace Hall and the estates went to your father and the bequest came to me, for you were considered dead. My stepfather was made trustee. He gave bond in England and America, I believe. In any event, the fortune was to be mine when I reached the age of twenty-one, but each year the income, nearly twenty-five thousand dollars, was to be paid to my stepfather as trustee, to be safely invested by him.

"That's asking," said Dickson. "But I'll tell ye this much. It's jools." "Your own?" "No, but I'm their trustee." "Valuable?" "I was hearing they were worth more than a million pounds." "God bless my soul," said the startled manager. "I don't like this kind of business, McCunn." "No more do I. But you'll do it to oblige an old friend and a good customer.

"I shall be glad to serve you with any legal advice that you may need," offered Mr. Barrister, patting his finger-tips gently together. "Are you the trustee?" "No, sir" this with a dusty smile. "Who is, then?" "The only information which I am at liberty to give you upon that point," said Mr. Barrister drily, "is that contained in your father's will.

"He's a grand young man," said he; "good company and you'll enjoy it." They looked soberly at each other. According to tradition, one was fifty-four the other fifty-five years of age. An exclamation broke from the lips of one. It sounded like the letter y whispered quickly. "Y!" the other answered. "It might make a match," said Mr. Blount, the trustee, smiling.

There have been few men in history with whom personal objects counted for so little as they counted with Burke. He really did what so many public men only feign to do. He forgot that he had any interests of his own to be promoted, apart from the interests of the party with which he acted, and from those of the whole nation, for which he held himself a trustee.

'Me! cried James. 'Me that deserves to suffer? Who was it put the thing into my mind? Who was it that came time and time and time again to whisper into my ear, and tell me where I could find the men and and and everything? Why curse you ! 'Look here, said John Jervase. 'You're a sidesman and a trustee, and the Lord alone knows what all. Be decent in your language. 'You made me your catspaw.

These games are to be celebrated every five years, and to be called Trajan's games. My principal reason for acquainting you with this bequest is that I may receive your directions which of the respective alternatives to choose. By the prudent choice Julius Largus has made of a trustee, one would imagine he had known you perfectly well.

If therefore the church before our view cannot boast of a numerous attendance, it more than consoles itself by the reflection, that there are a dozen names of talismanic power in Wall Street on its list of members. "But suppose the Doctor should leave you?" objected a friend of ours to a trustee, who had been urging him to buy a pew in a fashionable church.

Hunt and her relations, at least as far as pecuniary affairs went, and as this annuity was regularly paid for nine years before another arrangement was proposed by the trustee, her brother, which I shall faithfully detail when I approach that period of my history, I would fain hope that the calumnious cowards who have so often assailed me, as having turned my wife out of doors to starve, will, at any rate, in future, abstain from propagating such a bare-faced falsehood.

Holyoke was turning away hundreds of girls every year, and there were few or no other advanced schools for girls of limited means." In 1867 Mr. Durant was elected a trustee of Mt. Holyoke. In 1868 Mrs. Durant gave to Mt. Holyoke ten thousand dollars, which enabled the seminary to build its first library building. We are told that Mr. and Mrs. Durant used to say that there could not be too many Mt.