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'Then why not in Ballarat? objected Kitty, still unconvinced. 'Because your father would never consent, he whispered, putting his arm round her waist; 'we must run away quietly, and when we are married can ask his pardon and, with a sardonic sneer, 'his blessing. A delicious thrill passed through Kitty when she heard this.

"Why, I got it for the Colonel," replied Charley, laughing childishly, "and I started to take it over to him, but my burros got away at Daylight Springs, so I made camp and drunk it all up." "But it's full!" objected Wiley. "Yes, I refilled it," answered Charley and helped himself to another nip. "Thas second time now I took that whiskey to the Colonel and both times I drunk it up.

She wished to refuse, but it was too late, and she drank it very slowly, as she had done the first, and he asked her to have a third. She objected, but he persisted.

The goatherds were cordial in their greeting to our knight and his squire, and invited them to partake of their meal, which was just being served on a tablecloth of sheepskin spread on the ground. Don Quixote was given a seat of honor on a trough turned upside down. Sancho remained standing to serve him, but his master insisted upon his coming down to his level. To this Sancho objected.

"All of us go across the bay looking for this old treasure and Wyckoff will have a free hand to come in and sink the good ship Fortuna." "We can draw straws and leave a watch here," suggested Tom. "And Wyckoff or Lopez throw a stick of dynamite over on deck and up in the air they'd go! Why not take the Fortuna along?" "I don't think there's water enough over there," Jack objected.

It was this: Roselius, in the middle of his argument upon the evidence, proposed to read a certain certified copy of a registry of birth. Grymes and his colleagues instantly objected. It was their own best gun captured and turned upon them. They could not tolerate it. It was no part of the record, they stoutly maintained, and must not be introduced nor read nor commented upon.

"You buy someting me, I buy someting, this bear," he finally said to the farmer. This proposition was greeted by some neighbors' children with a chorus of wails and the housewife too objected, but to the farmer, who was much perplexed to know what to do with the bear, it seemed like quite a Providential opening.

"What you advance is true enough for the moment," objected M. Clemenceau; "but you forget that our limitations are not to be applied at once. We fix a term after the expiry of which the strength of the armies will be reduced. We have taken all the circumstances into account."

And why should we have the spectacle, today, of men and women all over this country in social work, in science and medicine and politics, striving to better conditions while most of them might be much more comfortable and luxurious letting well enough alone?" "But it's human to care," she objected. "Ah human!" he said, and was silent.

"O yes, Juanita; get ready, and I will take you with me. Then you can tell me all about it." Juanita demurred and objected to this proposal, but Daisy was greatly pleased and would have it so. Mrs.