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Luckily there was a side-door, out of which they slipped so quietly and quickly that not many people had a chance either to pity him or to exult over him, at least in his presence. Yet he did not fail to notice more than one sneer on the faces of those who belonged to the other party, and his cheeks burned for a moment, as James Grayson, the candidate, had his full store of human pride.

Joseph often whispered to them with the most studied politeness, glancing at Laubardemont with a ferocious sneer. It was arranged that an armchair should serve as a bar; and all were silent in expectation of the prisoner's answer.

In a moment, Daspry was standing between the two men, facing Varin; he said to him, with a sneer: "You were lucky, my friend, very lucky. I fired at your hand and struck only the revolver." Both of them looked at him, surprised. Then he turned to the banker, and said: "I beg your pardon, monsieur, for meddling in your business; but, really, you play a very poor game. Let me hold the cards."

"My Lord," said Henry, turning to Simon de Montfort, "be it not time that England were rid of this devil's spawn and his hellish brood? Though I presume," he added, a sarcastic sneer upon his lip, "that it may prove embarrassing for My Lord Earl of Leicester to turn upon his companion in arms." "I owe him nothing," returned the Earl haughtily, "by his own word."

But I am mistress of my own property, and as I believe that Celeste will be wretched in this marriage, I keep it to use as may seem best to me." "Your property, indeed!" said Brigitte, with a sneer. "Yes, that which I received from my father and my mother, and which I brought as my 'dot' to Monsieur Thuillier."

"Pray, do you suppose that at our age nobody can care for us, or that we have no hearts left?" asks mamma, very tartly. "I believe, or I may say, I hope and trust, your father thinks otherwise. He is, I imagine, perfectly satisfied, miss. He does not sneer at age, whatever little girls out of the schoolroom may do.

He could remember, as if it were yesterday, the jibes and fleers called forth by the suit of a wealthy Dublin brewer, who had been attracted by sheer force of contrast, no doubt to the elder of the two swan-necked, stiff-backed Miss Townshend-Mahonys, with their long, thin noses, and the ingrained lines that ran from the curled nostrils to the corners of their supercilious mouths, describing a sneer so deep that at a distance it was possible to mistake it for a smile.

Sir Stentor complied with this request; the dispute was renewed with various success, till, towards daylight, Ferdinand saw this noisy, raw, inexperienced simpleton, carry off all his ready cash, together with his jewels, and almost everything that was valuable about his person; and, to crown the whole, the victor at parting told him with a most intolerable sneer, that as soon as the Count should receive another remittance from Poland, he would give him his revenge.

"If the peace is disturbed, if there is conspiracy to injure a country not at war with our own, if arms are borne with menace, if His Excellency " "His Excellency my faith! You're an ass, Garon!" cried the young Seigneur, with an angry sneer. For once in his life the avocat bridled up.

It's taken me the whole session to get that measure through the legislature, and I'm not going to have it defeated now by any crack-brained moralist. He'll sign that bill or " Burr spoke at last. "Am I the governor of this State or are you?" he thundered. His face did not change, but his powerful voice rang to the full. Rann gave an ugly little sneer, his cheek purpling.