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I reply, None whatever; and very glad I should be if the whole subject were quietly dropped. But unfortunately that is just what the Roman Catholic party in Ireland will not do. Even in the present year 1913 the Lenten pastoral of one of the bishops goes back to the same old subject. If other countries acted in a similar manner, how could the grievances of bygone centuries ever be forgotten?

How good it looked that cold winter evening, and when he quietly pushed the door open and silently entered, and surprised Skipper Ed with his coming, and when Skipper Ed clasped him in his arms and thanked God over and over again for sparing his partner, Jimmy sank down in his chair and cried.

Jackson said, quietly: "He didn't mean to start home till tomorrow. And how could he send any message unless he was " "Easily!" cried Westover. "It's simply an instance of mental impression- of telepathy, as they call it." "That's so!" shouted Whitwell, with eager and instant conviction. Westover could see that Jackson still doubted.

"You have lied to me you and Kinroy. We are not going to Albany at all. Where are we going?" "I don't want to tell you now, Suzanne," replied Mrs. Dale quietly. "Have your bath and we'll talk about it afterwards. It doesn't matter. We're going up into Canada, if you want to know. We are nearly there now. You'll know fast enough when we get there."

"I hate all that," said Mary quietly. "Every once in a while I read something like it in a book or a magazine, and whenever I do, I put the book down and open the window and breathe the fresh air. Of course I know some married people aren't happy. But it isn't always because they are married. Single people are unhappy, too. Aunt Patty has indigestion sometimes, and I suppose a lot of people do.

She spoke as if bitterly chagrined and disappointed. "Most people would consider that joyful news," said the doctor quietly.

Quietly Bianca said: "I think I shall be going away for a time." "Wouldn't you rather that I went instead?" "You are wanted; I am not." That ice-cold, ice-clear remark contained the pith of the whole matter; and Hilary said: "You are not going at once?" "At the end of the week, I think." Noting his eyes fixed on her, she added: "Yes; we're neither of us looking quite our best." "I am sorry."

Had you any guess of this at the start?" "The bottomless well, as I told you," answered Fisher, quietly; "that was what stumped me from the start. Not because it had anything to do with it, because it had nothing to do with it."

"I suppose I shall have to resign myself, and get a companion. I shall hate it, and so will the companion, but " "Think so?" said Lord Ronald. He laid his hand quietly on her knee. "Mrs. Denvers," he said, "I am afraid you thought me awfully impertinent when I suggested your marrying me the other day. It wasn't very ingenious of me, I admit. But what can you expect from a nonentity?

The Prince kissed the hand he held, then gently laid it by her side and quietly left the room fully conscious that the mystery had been partially revealed, and that now the Princess would sleep for the rest of the night.